Vitality to Reportedly Add a Sixth Player, ScreaM’s Brother Shortlisted_5f6d26d4826a7.jpeg

Vitality to Reportedly Add a Sixth Player, ScreaM’s Brother Shortlisted

The French esports organization Team Vitality is all set to extend their current CS:GO roster to a six-man lineup and has already prepared a list of likely candidates, according to a report by So far this year the organization has maintained a stable roster which only saw one change as Alex “ALEX” McMeekin stepped down from the lineup in March and was replaced by 17-year-old Kévin “misutaaa” Rabier.

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Vitality Plans On Extending To A Six-Man CS:GO Roster

The French lineup of Vitality will soon be witnessing an addition to their roster as they plan on extending their roster to a six-man lineup. As per reports, the organization has shortlisted the following four players as their possible sixth,

  • Bryan “Maka” Canda
  • Nabil “Nivera” Benrlitom
  • Ali “hAdji” Haïnouss
  • Nicolas “Keoz” Dgus

The reason behind Vitality opting for a six-man roster is similar to why Astralis extended their roster so that they can freely switch between players to avoid fatigue, stress, and burnout, while also getting a strategic upper hand to assemble a different lineup for every situation and opponent.

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Shortlisted Players


23-year-old Maka who currently plays for Team Heretics is on the cards as a possible sixth. He has quite a lot of experience when it comes to tier-two Counter-Strike but has not actively played a lot of international tournaments.


Another player who could be recruited by Vitality is ScreaM’s younger brother Nivera who is also currently playing for Team Heretics. The 19-year-old started his professional career just a year back but has quickly risen up the ranks as he continues to perform well.


French-Moroccan player hAdji who currently plays for Team LDLC has the most amount of experience among the candidates. He was actually Vitality’s first choice when they were looking for a player to replace ALEX but the deal fell through due to difficult negotiations.


Keoz is the final choice for the position of the sixth player. The 19-year-old has been in the scene for a couple of year now and has already managed to qualify for a CS:GO Major along with Syman Gaming. He is quite talented and has previously played with a French team called MaxiSaucisse.

Vitality’s decision as to who they sign as their sixth player depends on a number of factors like experience, versatility, potential, and ease of negotiation with the respective organizations. No official statement has been made by the organization or any of the players listed above, let’s see which player gets to play with the French lineup in the future!

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