Twistzz Gives a Few Pointers on How to Reduce Hate And Toxicity_5f7067ae1f8b4.jpeg

Twistzz Gives a Few Pointers on How to Reduce Hate And Toxicity

Team Liquid despite being a tournament favorite was knocked out of the ESL Pro League Season 12 – North America yesterday after losing to 100 Thieves by a ‘2-1’ scoreline. Following their elimination Twistzz spoke out against all the haters and toxic members of the community as he went on to say that “Seems like people forget that every person has feelings so here is a reminder.”

He went on to list a few things that everyone should follow in order to not be toxic and hurt anyone’s feelings. This was probably a subliminal message to all those who were bad-mouthing Team Liquid on social media and the ones who criticized Jake “Stewie2K” Yip a few days back for his comment against the 10 AM match schedule.

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Twistzz Explains How One Can Not Be Toxic

The Canadian rifler had a few words to say following Liquid’s elimination from ESL Pro League Season 12. Despite being the favorites in this matchup the North American team faltered in front of 100 Thieves who came back from a one map deficit to take the series ‘2-1’.

The 20-year-old instead of addressing the outcome of the match spoke against those members of the community who are quick to criticize and hate others. Twistzz offered four points from his side that one could follow so as not to hurt the other person’s feelings.

He chose not to keep the comment section open to the public for this particular Tweet, which also seems to act as an open message to all those users who hated on Team Liquid after their loss. The last point, in particular, seemed to be specially directed towards those who criticized Stewie a few days back for complaining about the 10 AM match schedule.

There is certainly pressure on Liquid at the moment as some are calling out the signing of Michael “Grim” Wince a wrong move by the organization, suggesting that the team should have signed a proper IGL instead. Let’s see how the team performs in the upcoming IEM New York 2020 which starts from 6th October. 

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