[Watch] JW Surprises Vitality With The Negev to Take a Triple Kill_5f7ee50523ee9.jpeg

[Watch] JW Surprises Vitality With The Negev to Take a Triple Kill

IEM New York 2020 might not be acting as the Fall Major for the European region but it is still full of surprises with the best team in the world Heroic already getting eliminated from the tournament along with G2 Esports. But despite all the upsets, it is the Swedish lineup of Fnatic that are under the spotlight simply because JW is too entertaining to miss out on!

From his hilarious failed attempt to sneak past Mathieu “ZywOo” Herbaut to watch him go ‘brrrrrrrrr’ with the Negev on an eco round to get three kills and secure the round for his side, JW has offered nothing but entertainment so far.

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JW Destroys Vitality With The Negev

The 25-year-old Swede might not be considered the most lethal player on Fnatic but no one can disagree with the fact that he is not bold. The fact that he comes up with the most insane ideas and backs himself up to go ahead with them is amazing, automatically making him one of the most fun players to watch.

While playing against Vitality a few days back JW surprised everyone especially Vitality when he rained down on them with the Negev in what was supposedly an eco round. He was awarded a triple kill for this fearless maneuver as he won the round for his side in style.

From the clip above one can see that JW already had the Negev with him when the round started, this is because the heavy machine gun was actually purchased by Robin “flusha” Ronnquist in the previous round which was also an eco and then dropped to JW.

Having lost the round considerably quickly JW armed with the Negev avoided conflict and saved the weapon only to destroy Vitality in this round with the same weapon. Even the casters were taken by surprise as they enjoyed this move from Fnatic with Alex “Machine” Richardson going ahead and delivering the classic “Negev Go Brrrrrrrrr”.

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Though Fnatic lost the series ‘2-1’ they found victory in their next match against G2 Esports to stay afloat in the competition. The Swedes will now be playing a do-or-die match tomorrow which will decide if they qualify for the playoffs or get eliminated from the tournament.

Astralis Criticised For Hiring Unpaid Volunteers, Organization Responds_5f7de979e0a2c.jpeg

Astralis Criticised For Hiring Unpaid Volunteers, Organization Responds

Astralis came under fire yesterday as many from the CS:GO community criticized them for hiring unpaid volunteers for social media and editorial positions despite being one of the biggest esports organizations in the world who is also listed on Nasdaq Nordic. Earlier today Astralis took notice of the criticism and came back with a response where they explained their stance on volunteer work while also accepting that some changes need to be made.

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Astralis Called Out For Hiring Unpaid Volunteers

The CS:GO community was not happy to see Astralis offering unpaid ‘Social Media’ and ‘Editorial’ work to people, with the common complaint being that a company of such size and stature should not be hiring volunteers for jobs that are generally paid positions.

Focus on the matter gained traction when a Reddit user ‘Temporal_Bellusaurus’ brought to everyone’s attention how Astralis were offering exposure, experience, merchandise, and more instead of money in return for social media and editorial work which included match coverage, match highlights, fan interaction during the match, creating memes, and updating their website with different types of content.

The user also went on to highlight that a similar job position ‘Social Media: Part-Time Assistant’ was being offered by another Danish esports organization Copenhagen Flames, for which the person being hired would be getting paid.

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Astralis Responds

Taking cognizance of the criticism being received from the community Astralis responded via a Facebook post where they went on to state that they have been working with volunteers for a long time now and that “Volunteer work is quite normal and really an essential part of the culture in basically all sports clubs in this country (Denmark).”

Having said that the organization went on to acknowledge that as they operate in a different ecosystem they will “re-evaluate the way we work around match coverage including the current team of volunteers.” They went on to thank the community for voicing their concerns and said that as long as everything is kept respectful “We’re always ready for a dialogue.”

So moving forward we can expect that the volunteer work being offered by Astralis might have some sort of monetary benefit to it as well. The current positions being offered by the organization are ‘Social Media’ and ‘Editorial’ with 12th October being the application deadline.

Insane CS:GO Bug Allows Players to Float in Mid-Air Anywhere on The Map_5f7de97f291da.jpeg

Insane CS:GO Bug Allows Players to Float in Mid-Air Anywhere on The Map

Just a week after CS:GO pro Tarik “tarik” Celik showed everyone in great detail how they can glitch a smoke so as to make them float in mid-air, another such bug has been detected but this time around instead of a smoke the player model itself can be made to float in mid-air anywhere on the map.

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Bizarre CS:GO Bug Allows Players To Float Mid-Air

Popular CS:GO YouTuber ‘Sparkles’ has once again bought to the attention of the community members a bug that could be lethal in the hands of anyone who knows how to aim properly. Imagine if you could float in mid-air anywhere on the map, now that would be an off-angle which would surely catch the opponents by surprise.

In a recent video ‘Sparkles’ demonstrates how a player can levitate in the middle of the air without using any third-party software or cheats. All that the player needs to do is load up the game in ‘Windowed Mode’ and follow a few simple steps in order to activate the bug which is nothing less than game-breaking.

According to the user ‘Spooky Toggle’ who found this bug and informed the YouTuber about it the bug can be activated as follows “When in windowed mode, you can press tab and right-click to free your mouse, hold jump and once you get mid-air, hold the top of the window, refocus the CS:GO window, and it will cause you to be hovering.”

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While this might seem a bit complicated when reading it out like that the bug is pretty easy to replicate as shown by ‘Sparkles’ in his video. While he did fail a few times initially it was only because he was not holding down space long enough for the bug to take effect after which he was able to “replicate the bug pretty much every single time.”

The visual representation of the bug is not too pleasing as the user’s screen will stutter quite a lot but this has no effect on the aim. The user will be able to see everything from behind the cover while floating in mid-air but for everyone else on the server the user will be nearly impossible to spot, in many ways it is like a one-way cover and all the shots are practically wall bangs.

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A similar hovering bug was previously found by ‘Sparkles’ but Valve had quickly managed to fix it. Hopefully, this bug will also catch their attention and will be taken care off before it spreads around the community and gameplay clips go into circulation.

pashaBiceps Returns to Competitive CS:GO With Team Liquid Biceps_5f7de983d0a0f.jpeg

pashaBiceps Returns to Competitive CS:GO With Team Liquid Biceps

CS:GO legend Jaroslaw “pashaBiceps” Jarzabkowski has officially returned to playing Counter-Strike professionally after more than a year. The Pole will be seen in action at the upcoming Polish Esports League along with a new team of youngsters which he has assembled under the banner of ‘Liquid Biceps’.

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pashaBiceps Officially Returns To Competitive Counter-Strike

The 32-year-old has decided to come back as a professional CS:GO player after taking a break of more than a year. He was last seen in action along with AGO as a trial player in September 2019 following which he transitioned into the role of a streamer for Team Liquid.

Now once again the Polish legend has decided to return to the competitive circuit along with a team of youngsters that has apparently been assembled by the man himself under the banner of ‘Liquid Biceps’. Apart from pashaBiceps, no other member of this lineup has been announced yet maybe more information on it will be shared at a later date.

According to speculations this team would be acting as Team Liquid’s academy roster and will consist of an entire Polish roster or a mixed lineup consisting of players from all over Europe. One thing which is set in stone at the moment is that this team will be participating in the upcoming Polish Esports League which is a regional grassroots regional annual CS:GO event.

pashaBiceps is no doubt a Counter-Strike legend who is remembered for his glorious run with the Russian esports organization Virtus.pro, he is also a respected community figure and a very successful streamer. In his Tweet, he has thanked Team Liquid for giving him the motivation to go forward with his decision this means that it was not something which was premeditated but also strengthens the fact that it might be their academy roster.

No such official statement has been made by any of the parties involved within the article and as a matter of fact, Team Liquid has not even bothered to make a separate announcement. Many users and other players were seen welcoming him back to playing the game professionally and overall the reception to the announcement was quite positive.

Let’s see how the team goes on to perform at the upcoming tournament and if the youngsters are able to keep pace with the man himself or vice-versa!

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TYLOO Defeat ViCi to Claim ESL Pro League Season 12 – Asia Title_5f7de98951402.jpeg

TYLOO Defeat ViCi to Claim ESL Pro League Season 12 – Asia Title

Two of the strongest CS:GO teams in Asia were up against each other once again in the grand final of ESL Pro League Season 12 – Asia, and for the fifth time in a row TYLOO successfully defeated ViCi Gaming in the grand finale of a CS:GO tournament to be crowned as the champions in Asia.

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TYLOO Win ESL Pro League Season 12 – Asia

Once again TYLOO has reigned supreme, this time as the champions of the ESL Pro League Season 12. The Chinese giants defeated ViCi yet again in the finale of a tournament as the age-old rivalry seems to be fizzling away slowly due to the latter desperately failing to secure a victory in five back-to-back grand final matches.

TYLOO did not have it too easy this time though as every series saw them drop at least one map. The best part was the two consecutive defeats it handed ViCi which must have been quite frustrating for them.

Already having booked a one map advantage in the finals TYLOO went on to drop their first game on Train but came back hard to hit ViCi on both Mirage and Vertigo, stealing the series away from them after they had managed to level the difference early on in the match.

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YuanZhang ‘Attacker’ Sheng led TYLOO from the front on the back of his impressive 83-50 performance along with a mind-blowing ADR of over a 100. He was the third-best player of the tournament having attained an overall rating of 1.18 across 9 maps.

The victory sees TYLOO return to its winning ways after a surprise early exit from WDNMD Asia Invitational 2020 where they dropped a series against Lynn Vision Gaming. Before that, they were on a four-tournament win streak which includes ESL One Cologne, DreamHack Open Summer, PLA – Summer, and China’s first LAN CS:GO tournament since the lockdown CS:GO_ProHouse Wuxi Villa Cup.

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XigN Joins NG Esport’s Upcoming International CS:GO Roster_5f7de98e4c2d8.jpeg

XigN Joins NG Esport’s Upcoming International CS:GO Roster

South Korean star rifler Hyun-pyo “XigN” Lee a few days after announcing his departure from BTRG has decided to join his former teammate Anthony “ImpressioN” Lim, as he becomes the second player to be signed by Thai organization NG Esport who are creating their first international CS:GO roster.

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XigN Joins NG Esport

XigN is one of the best Asian Counter-Strike players in the region, he has competed professionally for almost 6 years now during which he has represented the best South Korean CS:GO team ever MVP PK. The 23-year-old had left the organization last year in September after his contract with the team expired, following which he had decided to join the mixed lineup of BTRG in January this year.

Similar to ImpressioN, XigN too had faced a breach in contract from BTRG’s side due to which he decided to part ways with the organization but only a few days later he was picked up by the upcoming Thai CS:GO team NG Esport who is attempting to create a strong international lineup.

NG Esport has decided to build their roster around the experienced Singaporean in-game leader ImpressioN who has played for multiple big Asian organizations like B.O.O.T-d[S] and BTRG. Under his guidance the organization is moving forward to sign players from all over Asia with their second pick being his former teammate XigN who is quite a formidable rifler.

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In the last 6 months he has held an overall rating of 1.10 with an ADR of 78.3 and an impact rating of more than 1. Though these numbers are below the player’s average performance maybe things will change for the better under this new organization with a different lineup.

Only two players have been revealed till now by NG Esport with more to be announced in the coming weeks before the end of this month. Let’s see which other Asian player is the organization willing to sign in order to become the best in Asia.

NG Esport lineup at the moment is as follows,

  • Anthony “ImpressioN” Lim [IGL]
  • Hyun-pyo “XigN” Lee

gla1ve Asks Heroic About HUNDEN Using Spectator Bug, cadiaN Responds_5f78a8ecdca75.jpeg

gla1ve Asks Heroic About HUNDEN Using Spectator Bug, cadiaN Responds

The ongoing discussions surrounding the spectator bug incident are very serious and the most recent player to have joined in on the debate is none other than Astralis’ in-game leader Lukas “gla1ve” Rossander. The Dane asked some direct questions to the Heroic players about their involvement with Nicolai “HUNDEN” Petersen, whether they knew about him cheating or not. 

And though gla1ve had put forth his statements in good faith it did not go down too well as community members called him out for being “salty about losing to Heroic” among many other things. Heroic’s captain Casper “cadiaN” Moller was not too pleased either as he said that “I feel like it’s people trying to pull us down while we’re moving forward.”

gla1ve Asks Heroic Players Some Tough Questions

Astralis has been quite vocal about their displeasure with Heroic ever since finding out that HUNDEN had used the spectator bug against them at DreamHack Masters Spring 2020 – Europe. Earlier, Founder of Astralis – Nikolaj Nyholm had called out multiple members of Heroic urging them to tell him face-to-face that none of the players were aware of HUNDEN exploiting the spectator bug.

Now even gla1ve has jumped in asking the Heroic players what statements have they given publicly about their involvement with HUNDEN’s activities, specifically asking cadiaN the following question, “Did you guys give any statements about if you knew it or not?”

After a user presented gla1ve with a statement from HUNDEN that said: “I acted on my own, without the knowledge of my teammates.” The Dane clarified that all he wants is the Heroic players to be vocal about the same thing from their side as well.

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cadiaN’s Response

Heroic’s in-game leader refused to comment on any of gla1ve’s remarks on Twitter and instead gave his statement on the matter to the Danish website TV2Sport. He went on to say the following,

“I think it’s really shameful. I do not like it. Errors have occurred; we can all agree on that. But I feel like people are trying to pull us down while we’re moving forward. If they want to pull us down, they’ll have to do it on the server instead.”

For now, the argument seems to have come to a standstill as both gla1ve and Nyholm clarify that they have nothing against the players and fully acknowledge their talent, while also accepting that they completely got outplayed by them in their last encounter.

This is not the first time that the two teams have locked horns outside of CS:GO and will most probably not be the last as well. The Danish rivalry between these two is turning out to be quite the spectacle as they get ready to face off against each other once again in a few hours time at the Lower Bracket Final of ESL Pro League Season 12 – Europe.

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Electronic Sets a New Personal Record Against Heroic at ESL Pro League_5f785b9476157.jpeg

Electronic Sets a New Personal Record Against Heroic at ESL Pro League

Na’Vi stormed into the grand finals of ESL Pro League Season 12 – Europe yesterday after handing Heroic a crushing ‘2-0’ defeat and for a change, the MVP for the winning side was a Denis “electronic” Sharipov who led Na’Vi from the front on both Inferno and Mirage. In fact, the 22-year-old was in such great form that he pulled off his career-best performance against a top-twenty team (HLTV rankings) on Inferno to set a new personal record with a stunning 2.38 rating.

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Electronic Slams Heroic Hard To Set A New Personal Record

The chants whenever Na’Vi plays is usually the loudest for their star player Oleksandr “s1mple” Kostyliev but this was not the case yesterday as electronic took charge of the situation. The Russian rifler was in stellar shape as he put up a dominating performance in the first map against Heroic. He took a total of 32 frags on the map with just 8 deaths to attain a mind-blowing rating of 2.38 and if these stats were intimidating, you should have seen him on the server!

This is the highest rating electronic has managed to achieve in his career against a top-twenty team (HLTV rankings). The Russian either woke up on the right side or ate something really special because the way he dominated Heroic on Inferno was unbelievable.

And his insane run did not just stop there as he went on to continue his domination on Mirage as well, posting a solid 1.43 rating with an ADR of almost 86. A smooth 1v3 clutch to win Na’Vi the 8th round was electronic’s highlight moment from yesterday and goes on to show what terrific form he was in.

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Woxic Reveals Why Mousesports Benched Him, Says Performance Was Not The Issue_5f782aba5a328.jpeg

Woxic Reveals Why Mousesports Benched Him, Says Performance Was Not The Issue

Turkish star player Ozgur “woxic” Eker who was picked up by Cloud9 from his previous team mousesports after being offered a deal worth $1,365,000 recently revealed why he was benched by his previous team in an interview with Esporin.

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Woxic Reveals The Reason Behind Mousesports Benching Him

According to the player his performance was not the reason because of which he was benched, which seems to clear up a lot of doubts that the community had in general as woxic was actually performing better than a lot of other players on the team.

In his last ten tournaments that he played with mousesports woxic only had two bad performances at ESL One Cologne 2020 Europe and DreamHack Masters Spring 2020. Other than that he was doing fairly well if not extremely good.

He further went on to reveal that the decision to bench him from mousesports’ active lineup could be attributed to the fact that he had himself requested “to be benched 2 or 3 times beforehand,” hence in a way it was “both a personal and an executive decision.”

This also helps clear another speculation about woxic being benched due to his toxic behavior, against which the Turk had defended himself in the past.

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He went on to speak about many other things like the recent Stewie match schedule controversy, his thoughts on his latest contract details being made public by Cloud9, his constant VISA issues, and more.

Neymar Starts Streaming CS:GO on Twitch, Takes USP Ace on Inferno_5f782abf8bf0a.jpeg

Neymar Starts Streaming CS:GO on Twitch, Takes USP Ace on Inferno

One of the most popular football players in the world Neymar who is known to dabble in Counter-Strike during his free time has now started streaming the game on Twitch. The 28-year-old made a Twitch channel named ‘neymarjr’ yesterday and has officially started streaming on the platform, his main game at the moment seems to be CS:GO but he was also spotted playing a bit of Among Us during the tail end of his first-ever official stream on Twitch.

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Neymar Starts Streaming CS:GO On Twitch

We are all familiar with how much the Brazilian footballer loves to play CS:GO, we have seen him play with former MIBR in-game leader Gabriel “FalleN” Toledo along with many other players at their gaming house. Now Neymar has decided to take his casual gaming experience a notch higher by starting his own streaming channel on Twitch.

In his first stream which took place yesterday, he was seen playing a lot of CS:GO which might be his main game moving forward. But he seems to be open to trying out other games as well, as he played a few games of ‘Among Us’ towards the end of his stream.

After just one day of having started his channel, Neymar has managed to reach half a million followers most of which are obviously Brazilians. As he keeps investing more time there is no doubt that he will very soon be crossing the 1 million mark as well.

Highlight Of The Stream – USP Ace

There were a lot of exciting bits in the two hours plus stream session but the one moment that stood out the most and eventually became a talking point of Neymar’s skill was the spectacular USP ace that he managed to secure on Inferno.

After successfully creeping up to ‘A-Site’ via the ‘Apartments’ Neymar literally got 3 free kills as the CT-side was distracted by his teammates firing from near ‘Library’. But he did hit some crisp headshots in the process as he went on to take down every single one of them, successfully securing an ace in his very first Twitch stream.

Though there is no set schedule for the streams at the moment with this obviously being a casual thing, we can expect Neymar to pop up every now and then to stream some CS:GO and interact with his fans. Let’s see what other games does he play on stream, some fall guys maybe?

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