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Sylar Urges Dota 2 Fans To Stop Hating 4AM Players

After a number of people involved in the Sylar-Eurus mess brought forward their perspective and side of the story, the main man finally broke his silence in a bid to subside the muddle. In a post made on the Chinese website Weibo, Liu “Sylar” Jiajun has asked the fans to stop condemning the parties involved in the conflict.

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Sylar’s Statement On the Blame-Game

According to the general public opinion, Sylar was unfairly kicked from the 4AM roster. So people made some harsh remarks on 4AM including its players, Maybe, Yang, fy and RedPanda.

Vici Gaming’s co-owner, Chen Qing and Maybe had earlier spoken about their versions of the events that took place. Both of them brought forward the fact that there was a contractual disagreement between 4AM and Vici Gaming. Chen Qing had also stated that Elephant, the collaborator of 4AM, was the only one to be blamed for all this ruckus. 

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Now, Sylar voiced his opinion and asked the community to stop the hatred against the current players of 4AM when he himself has not put-down any of them. He also urges to stop bashing Chen Yanchuan, a popular Dota 2 streamer in China and also the contact person from the Elephant organization.

Sylar states,

“Stop denigrating Chuan ( Chen Yanchuan). He got the information from a person whom he trusted. The people who have told the story have their own stand and viewpoint. It is not possible to clarify if it is true or not. I did not talk about this affair to anybody before eating yesterday because it does not make any sense to me. To be honest, I have not put the blame on anybody since all of this began. As a player, I am reflecting on my decision more and how I could have been careful. He only wanted to get clarification for my removal and even arranged compensation for me. Moreover, I told him that I did not require it. Also, my 3 teammates have no role to play in all this matter. I know the reasons for my initial inclusion on October 1 and my current state. I expect you to stop hating my 3 former teammates. I am really grateful to Maybe for what he said after the mess and to everybody who bothered for me. “

Translation via VPEsports

It really is unfortunate to see Sylar being put in this difficult position due to the actions of 4AM. Hopefully, this post cools down the community which leads to this drama finally come to a conclusion. In other news, Eurus has almost been confirmed as the final carry by various sources, the final roster of Elephant.4AM is likely to be revealed anytime soon.

Team Nigma Gets Destroyed By Yellow Submarine At ESL One Germany_5f7f02f50c823.jpeg

Team Nigma Gets Destroyed By Yellow Submarine At ESL One Germany

Round 1 of the modified swiss-format of ESL One Germany 2020 came to a close yesterday and the results were rather expected. The only surprising outcome that shocked everybody was Team Nigma losing 2-0 to a lesser-known CIS team, Yellow Submarine. 

Yellow Submarine Pull Off an Upset 

Back in 2015, Yellow Submarine (YeS) gained a lot of publicity after it won The International 2015 European Open Qualifiers. The team could not qualify to the main tournament and after a string of bad performances, YeS disbanded in December 2016. After that, the team was now formed with the likes of Yaroslav “Miposhka” Naidenov and Vitaliy “so bad” Oshmankevich to compete at ESL One Germany 2020 qualifiers. They had a decent run throughout the qualifiers stage and booked a spot in the main tournament. However, nobody expected them to take down a top tier European squad, Team Nigma, in their first series of the group stages. Other top-seeded teams like Alliance, OG and Team Secret had easily managed to secure their series versus these weaker teams. 

In Game 1, Team Nigma had to, unfortunately, play without Maroun “GH” Merhej and a stand-in had to be called in at the last minute. Team Nigma was already short of the expertise of their esteemed captain Kuro “KuroKy” Salehi as he continues to recover from an arm injury.

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The final pick by Team Nigma in Game 1, which was a classic Meepo for Aliwi “w33” Omar absolutely created a lot of hype amongst the viewers. The twitch chat went berserk and everybody expected Team Nigma to end this game easily. Miracle- played the anchor role in this game with a Void Spirit with MinD_ContRoL on his signature Nature’s Prophet. 

All the cores in the game had a decent laning phase, leaving Miracle- who went 0-4 in the first 14 minutes. But in classic w33’s Meepo way, he outplayed YeS in a failed gank attempt by them, securing a triple kill and the aegis at the 14th-minute mark. With an early push heavy lineup with Nature’s Prophet, Chen and Meepo, Nigma tried to breach the high ground at just 17 minutes but shorter respawn times with some good plays by YeS led to four hero deaths for team Nigma. The game kept dragging after it with YeS’ cores farming more efficiently than Team Nigma’s. Though Meepo maintained the top spot in the networth lead chart for a long time,  YeS always managed to kill him off first in the teamfights, ignoring other heroes who barely dealt any considerable damage. Gradually, the cores of Faceless Void and Kunkaa for YeS grew a lot stronger and Team Nigma realised they could no longer take any head-on fights. They continuously tried to stall the game with split pushes and creep cutting but YeS always managed to find and kill them. The game went all the distance to 55 minutes as YeS sealed the game off with a much superior late game draft. Their execution also seemed on point throughout the game.

In Game 2, Team Nigma looked stronger with GH’s return and everybody thought that it was just one bad game and they would come back to close out the series 2-1. 

YeS opened up with same two opening picks from the last game in the form of Faceless Void and Enchantress. Team Nigma drafted an offlane Earthshaker for MinD_ContRoL and a Void Spirit for w33, bringing him back to the anchor role. Nigma picked up Phantom Lancer for Miracle- as the last pick which according to the casters and analysts was an easy PL game. Yellow Submarine won all the 3 lanes, picking up a 5k lead at 14 minutes with its cores topping the networth chart.  But Nigma pulled the game back into their advantage picking off heroes with an early Earthshaker blink and Mirana combo while Miracle- farmed effectively. Two over-zealous fights by Yes around the mid lane and Roshan Pit cost them a lot as Team Nigma accelerated their lead to 10k and secured the aegis for Miracle-. YeS avoided any sort of teamfight with Nigma for the duration of the Aegis and then took a chaotic but victorious brawl for them at their Triangle. Faceless Void managed to secure a triple kill ending Miracle’s 8x Godlike streak. W33 bought back into that teamfight after getting initially caught in the Chronosphere but could not manage to accomplish a lot as he cliffed himself for a significant time. Team Nigma kept losing fights after that as the Phantom Lancer died a couple of times without buyback. Faceless Void had all the answers to him with Aghs and Battlefury, combined with Cataclysm from Invoker. YeS eventually closed out the game at 44 minutes and took the series 2-0.

This loss of Team Nigma comes out as an overwhelming surprise to all Nigma fans. They are certainly starting to miss the leadership and in-game calling of captain KuroKy considering their most recent games. But they still have some of the most skilled players in the region and will look to come back stronger in the second round where they face Tempo Esports on October 9.

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On the other hand, Yellow Submarine has had a spectacular start to their tournament campaign dismantling Team Nigma. Faceless Void seems to be the go-to hero for their carry player Yatoro and teams will certainly consider banning it in the coming days. Their next matchup is against the conquerors of European/CIS Dota 2, Team Secret. It is going to be a very tough series for the CIS squad and will be interesting to see if they even take one game off them. 

Team Secret Trashtalks OG After N0tail’s Comments On “Rivalry”_5f7df2e9f25ce.jpeg

Team Secret Trashtalks OG After N0tail’s Comments On “Rivalry”

Twitter handles of OG and Team Secret have been quite amusing for the past few months as they constantly try to poke at each other. Mostly, Team Secret has had the chance to pull OG’s leg considering the former’s streak of dominating performances. N0tail was recently involved in a Twitter jest following his comments in an interview with SirActionSlacks. 

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Team Secret Vs OG- The Twitter Battle

On October 6, before OG’s debut match at ESL One Germany 2020, an interview clip between N0tail and SirActionSlacks was played which involved N0tail talk about the twitter banter between Team Secret and OG. SirActionSlacks labelled this battle as an “El Clásico” asked N0tail about he viewed the “Rivalry” that has been building between the teams.

N0tail replied,

“There has been a lot of hype when Team Secret and OG play in a tournament. After TI8, Team Secret showed some dominating performances and everybody went berserk at their top form.”

He then took a nudge at Team Secret by stating, “ The rivalry between OG and Team Secret would have already taken place if Team Secret did not choke so much at TI.” He then mockingly also said, “ Now, we are trying not to play so badly between TI’s.

The twitter banter is always good. I hope EG was not caught up so much. We could post a lot of memes against them. But they are way too serious in these matters. In Secret’s case, we could have a lot of fun and spice things up if we manage to take games off them in the next BO5.”

This interview’s clip which was posted on twitter by ESL received a taunting reply from Secret which stated, “Can you REALLY call it a clasico when one of these teams lost 8 times in a row to the other Flushed face.” N0tail gave a rather savage reply to Team Secret saying, “Winning when it matters most.”

N0tail’s Views About Playing On LAN

In the interview with SirActionSlacks, N0tail was also asked about how online leagues impacted OG considering they are mostly known as a “LAN” team.

N0tail said: 

“Talking about my whole career and also of Sébastien “Ceb” Debs, we have mostly specialised as LAN players and performed well in LAN environments. The whole concept of offline leagues which involves bootcamping, facing a lot of pressure from the crowd and the game, hotel experience and interviews brought out the best in us. We had been working to become the best Dota 2 team but currently, we can not use the experience, skills that we acquired over the years. Yes, we can prepare well mentally and use other things learnt over a long time but I surely miss the LAN setting because of the experience and fun it brought with the group bonding.”

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The social media battle between OG and Team Secret is certainly attracting a lot of publicity as one tries to outwit the other. While Team Secret talks about their current dominant spree of performances, OG aims to counter by bringing their champion TI results forward. 

Currently, Team Secret’s social media team has genuinely turned OG into a laughing stock. It will be a treat to watch these two teams play again at ESL One Germany 2020 and what more exciting their twitter handles can come up with.

Moreover, it is an era of online leagues and it will be compelling to see if OG can showcase their TI-level class when offline events return.

Vici Gaming’s Co-owner Speaks Up About The Sylar-Eurus Mess_5f7de98bcc5ad.jpeg

Vici Gaming’s Co-owner Speaks Up About The Sylar-Eurus Mess

Co-owner of Vici Gaming,Chen Qing, broke his silence in a stream on October 6 where he explained the reason behind the initial exclusion of Zhang “Eurus” Chengjun from the 4AM roster. This statement comes after Lu “Somnus丶M” Yao had earlier listed out the problems that prevented Eurus from joining the organization.

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Vici Gaming’s Stakeholder Chen Qing’s Statements On The Eurus Transfer 

Having played for nearly three years for Vici Gaming and enjoying a considerable amount of success, Eurus had certainly become an integral member of the organization. Chen Qing stated in his stream that he had been silent about all the ruckus because he did not want the matter to get worse for Eurus. But now, he really felt the need to speak as the things had gone haywire.

According to Chen, the main problem of all this issue was not Eurus, Sylar or 4AM but the partner organization of 4AM, Little Elephant.“ Little Elephant kept retracting from the contract which clearly stated that the 1.5 Million RMB transfer fee for Eurus and everybody knew about this for a long time,” he stated.

He then explained how all of this began. Zhou “Yang” Haiyang who had spent his entire career with the Vici Gaming organization conveyed his desire of playing with Maybe to Chen Qing. 

According to him, “During the start of this season, Yang said he wanted to play with Maybe in the 4AM organization. I felt then it was an alright decision. Yang then asked me about the tenure of the contract he should sign with them and I said two years.

Eurus, on the other hand, had extended his contract with Vici Gaming at the start of the previous season. He received a salary hike, but there were some clauses in the contract which had to be adhered to. Eurus had to stay with Vici Gaming in the previous season and in case he wished to move to another organization, the transfer fee would be 1,500,000 RMB ($220k USD). The contract had been legally drafted and every organization knew about this.

In August this year, Eurus also wanted to play with Maybe and fy. Many teams like PSG.LGD, Team Aster wanted to grab Eurus at the time. But Eurus was determined to play with Maybe and had presented the contract to 4AM even though they weren’t the highest bidder.”

Chen further explained that Eurus’s deep desire to play with Maybe and team cost him such a huge problem as Little Elephant just exploited his sincerity. “Eurus would, in fact, refuse to join the team if he had known that such problems awaited him,” he said.

He mentioned, “Little Elephant was playing with the players for a long time. Even at the end, the whole of 1.5 Million RMB was not offered by them and which exploited the players one more time. Then Sylar was announced as the carry without even signing a contract with the team. When it became official, I even messaged Sylar and asked him to proceed legally. I had no idea that he’d be kicked out the next day.

The people involved at the managerial levels of Elephant were the only ones to be blamed. Eurus got dragged only because he wanted to play with the rest. I had also told Yang that they could potentially win a TI.”

“The transfer fee was ultimately paid by Elephant but by that time, Eurus had already been worn out and was willing to pay the entire transfer fee all by himself, just to end the problem,” Chen Qing further said.

At the end of his stream, he said, “Though Elephant paid the entire fee, someone from the team had a salary cut. Elephant just took advantage of the players’ wish to play with each other. They were the only ones that created all this nuisance and 4AM had nothing to do with it.” He concluded by asking the people to understand that Elephant was behind all this commotion and any other players/organization had no part to play.

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Vici Gaming’s co-owner has certainly added and cleared out a lot of things after Maybe had earlier explained about the matter. The 4AM final roster reveal is yet to happen though it is being ascertained that Eurus is now the final member of the squad. The five members of the squad will likely be satisfied now, considering they got Eurus but the road to all this has been very rough. As for Sylar, everything went wrong with him and as Maybe stated, he might be receiving monetary compensation for all the unscrupulous things done to him.

Translations via VPEsports

Will TI10’s Prize Pool Cross $40 Million Before Its Expiry?_5f7de990aa8ea.jpeg

Will TI10’s Prize Pool Cross $40 Million Before Its Expiry?

Even though the International 10 is only scheduled to happen in 2021, Valve has managed to raise $39,570,662 USD at the time of writing through their TI10 Battle Pass. It is the biggest prize pot in all of esports and will likely be one of the greatest events we’ve seen all year. 

However, the prestige of becoming the first esport to have a prize pool exceeding $40 Million USD is possibly the next big milestone with this Battle Pass. However, that looks like it might not happen.

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Is TI10’s Battle Pass Set To Cross The $40 Million Mark?

TI10’s Battle Pass was released on 25th May featuring multiple rewards and cosmetics. It was the fastest-selling Battle Pass in Dota 2 history, conquering milestone after milestone and lead TI10 to become the biggest prize pool in esports history.

Initially, Valve extended the Battle Pass by a week from September 12th to 19th to accommodate a weeklong stretch during which Dota 2 servers were crashing during peak hours.

Following this, on September 17, Valve extended the Battle Pass by another three weeks (until October 9th, 2020). This made the possibility of the prize pool reaching the $40,000,000 USD mark a reality.

Unfortunately, it doesn’t look like it will cross that historic mark until something drastically changes.

The Projections Don’t Add Up

  • The prize pool is currently growing at an average of $63,714 per day over the course of the last 10 days.
  • In the three days (including Oct 7, the date of publication) before TI10 Battle Pass expires, the prize pool needs to grow at a rate of $143,112 per day.
  • So if it continues to grow linearly (which is the likeliest scenario), the prize pool of TI10 will come to a close, raising $39,761,804 for the prize pool of the tournament. Merely $240k USD lower than the hallowed $40 Million USD mark.

Unless Valve decided to postpone the expiry of the Battle Pass or releases something extra, we likely will not cross the $40 Million Mark.

Which is a damn shame considering the fact that we were all set to receive 10,000 Battle Points or 10 levels for crossing this mark. We believe that it is very unlikely that we’ll see any other year’s Battle Pass lasting as long as TI10’s, so we really might not get close to this unprecedented $40 Million mark any time soon.

Bensoy Parts Ways With Adroit Esports. Forev To Stand-In._5f7de995e5b03.jpeg

Bensoy Parts Ways With Adroit Esports. Forev To Stand-In.

Filipino Dota 2 player, Prince Vince “Bensoy” Enriquez has parted ways with Adroit Esports. In his place, Korean offlaner Lee “Forev” Sang-don will be joining the team on a stand-in basis, the Southeast Asian organization announced today.

Bensoy’s Departure From Adroit Esports

Adroit Esports announced that they were parting ways with Bensoy on their social media handles, thanking him for their past successes and wishing him luck for future endeavors that the player might undertake.

Bensoy Departure from Adroit Esports

Bensoy joined Adroit Esports on July 16 following the departure of longtime veteran Bok. 

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Unfortunately, after the roster change Adroit Esports did not perform as well as they did with their previous offlaner only finishing in 9th-10th place in the OMEGA League: Asia Divine Division and ESL One Thailand 2020: Asia.

Bensoy Results With Adroit Esports

Forev Will Tryout For The Team’s Vacant Offlane Role

To replace Bensoy, Adroit Esports is bringing in one of the most experienced offlaners in the region. Forev who recently stood in for Fnatic at ESL One Thailand 2020: Asia and the BTS Pro Series Season 3: Southeast Asia following his departure from T1 will be joining the team.

Forev Addition Adroit Esports

The South Korean is one of the most experienced players in the region having attended multiple TIs and having played in several top-notch teams including Team Secret, Digital Chaos, and MVP Phoenix. The player certainly has the capability to fit in as a proper leader which is something that Adroit Esports have lacked since the departure of Bok from the lineup.

However, unless Forev does well in this short period with Adroit Esports, it’s unlikely that he’ll permanently stay with the team.

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Adroit Esports are currently competing in the Vita Bona Cup 2020. 

Nigma To Play without KuroKy At ESL One Germany 2020_5f7de99a99377.jpeg

Nigma To Play without KuroKy At ESL One Germany 2020

Team Nigma has been missing captain Kuro ” KuroKy ” Salehi’s intelligence and understanding of the game for a long time now. KuroKy’s arm injury has caused a great deal of concern for the TI7 champions as they have not managed to showcase their true potential as a team, especially visible in their last tournament. He is set to miss another tournament in the form of ESL One Germany 2020 which marks the captain’s 4th consecutive absence from the team. 

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The organization revealed this on their social media handle earlier today announcing that coach Roman “rmN-” Paley will be standing in.

Team Nigma’s Results Without Captain KuroKy  

Team Nigma has had considerable success with coach Roman “rmN-” Paley standing in for the team. They won the OGA Dota PIT Season 2: Europe/CIS in his first stand-in tournament with the team. Team Nigma also stood 3rd at the OMEGA League: Europe Immortal Division. But despite all this success, players explained in post-match interviews how the team was missing the leadership and in-game calling of captain KuroKy. Also, in the recently concluded OGA Dota PIT Season 3: Europe/CIS, the team looked lackluster and made some very questionable plays and item choices. As a result, they lost 2-0 to both Natus Vincere and VP.Prodigy and became the first team to get eliminated. 

Certainly, the team needs its captain back to deliver the best of performance. The team has been together for a long time now and any change is likely to disrupt the team balance. No doubt, rmN- has also been the coach for the team for the last two years but planning and execution of those plans are two different sides of a coin.

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Captain KuroKy has been sidelined with an arm injury for nearly 4 months now. Fans of Team Nigma will have to wait longer to watch KuroKy back in action. As for Team Nigma, they will be playing their first match at the ESL One Germany 2020 against Yellow Submarines on October 7. 

Players And Talent Question Valve’s Continued Silence_5f7de99fb39bd.jpeg

Players And Talent Question Valve’s Continued Silence

After one of the only sponsored organizations in North America, CR4ZY released all of its esports rosters on October 5. Notable people in the Dota 2 pro scene have aired their concerns regarding Valve’s inability to sustain the competitive scene. They have also condemned the subsequent silence by Valve since a solitary statement by them in early September. 

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Dota 2 Needs a Healing Salve From Valve! 

With more and more teams disbanding or getting released from sponsored organizations, players and talent are getting more disappointed and uncertain about their future.

Dota 2 as a game is “dying” according to ex-CR4ZY support player David “MoonMeander” Tan. After CR4ZY officially announced their exit from the professional scene, MoonMeander thanked the organization for their dedication and pointed out at the disruption of DPC due to Covid-19. In a reply to his previous tweet, he lamented the impotence of Valve to organize any Dota 2 tournament for the rest of 2020 in the North American scene despite receiving a humongous sum of  $120,000,000 from the Battle Pass. He also points out at the vague future of DPC 2020-21 as Valve had just mentioned in its statement in September that it will likely resume in Jan-Feb 2021. 

He further asked people to speak up about this matter and mentions the possibility of the professional scene of Dota 2 dying like the Heroes of Newerth.

Renowned caster Austin “Capitalist” Walsh replied to MoonMeander’s statements by saying that the break caused due to the pandemic was an opportunity to introduce an innovative Dota Pro Circuit (DPC) but nothing has happened since then. 

Maurice “KheZu” Gutmann also expressed his dissatisfaction with Valve over no help to the Dota 2 scene, especially in North America where only one sponsored team exists now ie. Evil Geniuses. Lack of money and sponsors, no LAN events and minimal online tournaments were his concerns.  He also thanked BeyondTheSummit for hosting online leagues during the past months.

Host Alan “Nahaz” Bester asserted that the reason for such a dismal looking competitive scene was not only because of the pandemic. He insisted that Valve needed to step up in order to support more Dota 2 organizations.

Nahaz's dissatisfaction with Valve over lack of tournamentsImage Via Twitter

Havan Liberty’s coach Astini again pointed out the lack of support from Valve in the NA/SA scene. He had earlier called out Valve for not organizing tournaments in the Americas region after Havan Liberty’s exit from BTS Pro Series Season 3: Americas.

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A number of people involved in the competitive scene have now voiced their opinions against Valve for their explicit ignorance for the upliftment and survival of Dota 2. They have also put forward their belief that people who raise their voices against Valve have been snubbed and it is high time that everybody gets together for the betterment of the game and its scene. 

Considering the fact that third party tournament organizers like BeyondTheSummit, ESL, and WePlay! can organize online leagues while Riot Games can hold the League of Legends World Championship in an LAN setting, Valve’s reluctance to restart the DPC season certainly does reflect poorly. 

Valve has made close to $120 Million USD with their TI10 Battle Pass. Unfortunately, they’ve not supported the professional esports scene in a meaningful way since they shut down the DPC way back in March.

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It is high time when Valve needs to pull its socks up and actually contribute to the professional scene of Dota 2 so that there is certainty regarding player income, a well-rounded scene for the talent and some high intense and competitive Dota 2 action for the fans. 

PSG.LGD Book a Spot In the Grand Finals of China Dota 2 Pro Cup Season 1_5f782ad83d51e.jpeg

PSG.LGD Book a Spot In the Grand Finals of China Dota 2 Pro Cup Season 1

It looks like PSG.LGD is starting to regain its former glory as they booked a spot in the grand finals of China Dota 2 Pro Cup Season 1. PSG.LGD defeated Vici Gaming 2-0 comprehensively in the upper bracket finals earlier today, continuing their top form in the tournament. 

PSG.LGD at its Absolute Best!

China Dota 2 Pro Cup Season 1 was the first showing formost of the Chinese teams impacted by the mega Chinese roster Shuffle. PSG.LGD  emerged to be the finest among the others as they showcased some unorthodox but impactful strategy and gameplay. They dropped only a single series on their road to the grand finals. Though they were placed at 2nd position in the group stages, their form in the finals was simply sublime.  

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PSG.LGD did not drop a single match in their playoff run, first beating EHOME and then Royal Never Give Up. Both were clean 2-0 sweeps.  

The upper bracket series against Vici Gaming was expected to be a highly competitive affair but PSG.LGD just looked like a different team altogether. Even when it looked like the game was slipping off their hands, their execution of the draft was so impeccable that they pulled the match back to their advantage. 

In Game 1, we saw a very clear and well-rounded draft from both sides. PSG.LGD got the better of the laning phase and established a decent networth lead of 5k at 27 minutes into the game. Though the draft was conventional from PSG.LGD, we witnessed a very farm intensive build from Ame, picking up the Aghanim’s Scepter after the Battle Fury in a bid to keep pace with the empowered Juggernaut for Vici Gaming. A panicky teamfight by PSG.LGD at the Roshan pit proved to be costly as they got team wiped by Vici Gaming and brought the game to an even position. 

But PSG.LGD being the superior team and Ame on a very fat Monkey King did not allow Vici Gaming to take hold of the game. They identified their power peaks and looked to take Vici Gaming head-on. Vici Gaming had no answers to PSG.LGD’s gameplay and they eventually lost the game in 41 minutes.

In Game 2 as well, the teams had good individual drafts that played around their safe lane carries. PSG.LGD played beautifully throughout the game, creating enough space for their carry, Ame’s Anti-Mage. On the other hand, Faceless Void tried to match the farming capacity of Anti-Mage with a second item Battle Fury but was unable to do so. PSG.LGD picked up the intensity once they got Abyssal Blade on Anti-Mage and started picking off heroes. Vici Gaming tried to counter react with the Phoenix Egg, Witch Doctor’s Death Ward and Chronosphere combo but could not inflict enough damage to win teamfights. PSG.LGD was able to close out the game in 35 minutes and move to the grand finals of the tournament. 

PSG.LGD has looked really versatile in their gameplay as their players have played a number of different heroes. We have witnessed an offlane Troll Warlord, a mid Rubick, Position 4 Monkey King, Faceless Void and Techies. As a matter of fact, Wang “Ame” Chunyu has played 11 different carry heroes in 15 matches until now. They seem to be the most synchronized roster among all the teams in the tournament.

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PSG.LGD will face the winner of Vici Gaming Vs EHOME tomorrow i.e September 3 in the grand finals of the China Dota 2 Pro Cup Season 1. The tournament is being held on LAN and is the first one since the coronavirus halted offline Dota 2 events.

Rumours: The Future Of Free Agents- Kuku, iceiceice and Jabz_5f782adcc72cc.jpeg

Rumours: The Future Of Free Agents- Kuku, iceiceice and Jabz

This era of online gaming have been witness to a large number of roster shuffles in nearlyevery region. Uncertainty regarding player income, substandard team performances and lack of online leagues have all forced radical changes in various squads. Among all these roster changes, some veteran players in the Southeast Asian region that include Kuku, iceiceice, Jabz are still looking for a new team.

Where will Kuku, iceiceice and Jabz go? 

At the end of September, Carlo “Kuku” Palad had tweeted that he was looking for a new team ahead of the upcoming season for the position 3 role and could be the captain/drafter.

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Daryl Koh “iceiceice” Pei Xiang and Anucha “Jabz” Jirawong departed from Fnatic in early September. Jabz was replaced by Filipino support Nico “eyyou” Barcelon who was also removed later.

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In a thread by u/SeaNostra on Reddit, he has listed out the possible future of these free agents. Allegedly, Kuku has an ongoing offer with a North American or a CIS team, but he might be making his own team in collaboration with a Filipino organization called Gilas. He also speculated that Kuku invited Abed and DJ to form this new team but they intended to stay on their respective teams – Evil Genuises and Fnatic.

According to the thread, Team Faceless that was formed in 2016 with iceiceice and Jabz as two of its members, but disbanded in 2017, might make a return with both these players. Iceiceice and Jabz are devoid of any team at the moment and he guesses that Team Faceless team can be rebuilt.

He further writes that TNC Predator might revamp into a full Filipino squad if Australian offlaner for the team Damien “kpii” Chok decided not to extend his contract with the team. The team has already been left with 4 members after captain Park “March” Tae-won departed from the roster on September 28. Kpii just completed a year with TNC Predator last month and will be interesting to see if he renews his contract or not. If this rumor turns out to be true, TNC Predator will have to look for two more players to make a full squad.

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The future of the SEA professional Dota 2 scene is presently uncertain due to many roster shuffles and postponement of DPC 2020-21 and with all these rumours and guesses at the moment, it will be interesting to see if any of them turn out to be true.