[Watch] FURIA’s Insanely Aggressive Push Completely Destroys EG_5f6e1cecd7f4a.jpeg

[Watch] FURIA’s Insanely Aggressive Push Completely Destroys EG

Aggression and FURIA go hand-in-hand all thanks to their in-game leader Andrei “arT” Piovezan who just cannot stop himself from rushing at the opposition, creating a lot of space for his team to work with while gathering crucial information. 

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In order to achieve this, he is often seen wielding unconventional submachine guns such as the P90 and the notorious PP-Bizon. Well, something similar happened yesterday against Evil Geniuses on Inferno which left them at a loss of words and also the round.

FURIA’s Aggression Completely Destroys EG On Inferno

Leading from the front arT rushed towards ‘Arch’ fearless armed with a P90 forcing Cerq to fall back from the position as others quickly backed him up by laying down the smokes to block EG. Despite EG trying to hold off the aggression by throwing counter utilities like incendiary grenades, Kaike “KSCERATO” Cerato quick as a mouse managed to slip through making his way to outside ‘Library’.

From here on out it was total and complete annihilation for EG who were picked off one after the other in quick succession to gift FURIA a ‘13-2’ lead at the half-time mark. FURIA went on to secure the map ‘16-5’ followed by another swift victory on Nuke to book themselves a slot in the grand final of ESL Pro League Season 12 – North America.

This is of course not the first time that we have seen something like this from the Brazilian squad but this particular round stood out from yesterday’s game, as FURIA showed absolutely no respect charging in with a P90 and continued pushing ahead to hunt down EG like a pack of wolves out on a hunt.

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Let’s see which team goes on to face them in the grand final as EG who has dropped down to the lower bracket awaits their opponent.

User Creates Unique CS:GO Map With Helicopter Based Gameplay_5f6ddda497e67.jpeg

User Creates Unique CS:GO Map With Helicopter Based Gameplay

Every day we come across a lot of unique CS:GO content made by the community members, each better than the other. Be it weapon skins, gameplay clips, absurd bugs, or even pointing out how broken the game is because the chicken won’t stop spinning in circles, there is a place for everything bizarre. This time a map creator who goes by the name of Richard “UselessMouth” Chirkin has presented the community with a stunning hostage rescue map called ‘Rift’ that has a helicopter based gameplay element to it.

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User Creates Hostage Rescue Map With Helicopter Based Gameplay

Popular CS:GO map creator UselessMouth along with a few other creators has made a hostage rescue map with a quite the twist. The map called ‘Rift’ takes the usual hostage rescue concept and throws it out the window, replacing it with some helicopter-based action.

According to the developer “Rift is a hostage rescue map with 2 randomized rescue zones. CT has to wait for the helicopter arrival to extract the hostage and T has to stop them.”

The image above is the blueprint of the map which shows us the two rescue zones, the spawn points, and the hostage rescue location. The CT has to reach the hostage location and then proceed towards the randomly selected extraction point while the T try to stop them from doing so.

UselessMouth had originally created ‘Rift’ for the Wingman game mode but states that the user can play any other game mode that they want to like Deathmatch, Arms Race, and more. His team has received a lot of positive feedback on Reddit and even more community rewards on the Workshop page.

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The community members had a lot of ideas floating around like a VIP game mode in which 4 CT-sided players have to protect a VIP and escort him to an extraction zone while the T-sided players try to sabotage their attempt.

Personally, it surely looked like an interesting concept which can be further developed into something even more interesting and the addition of the helicopter was done quite well. Let’s see if Valve deems it good enough to enter the official CS:GO servers!

Vitality to Reportedly Add a Sixth Player, ScreaM’s Brother Shortlisted_5f6d26d4826a7.jpeg

Vitality to Reportedly Add a Sixth Player, ScreaM’s Brother Shortlisted

The French esports organization Team Vitality is all set to extend their current CS:GO roster to a six-man lineup and has already prepared a list of likely candidates, according to a report by 1pv.fr. So far this year the organization has maintained a stable roster which only saw one change as Alex “ALEX” McMeekin stepped down from the lineup in March and was replaced by 17-year-old Kévin “misutaaa” Rabier.

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Vitality Plans On Extending To A Six-Man CS:GO Roster

The French lineup of Vitality will soon be witnessing an addition to their roster as they plan on extending their roster to a six-man lineup. As per reports, the organization has shortlisted the following four players as their possible sixth,

  • Bryan “Maka” Canda
  • Nabil “Nivera” Benrlitom
  • Ali “hAdji” Haïnouss
  • Nicolas “Keoz” Dgus

The reason behind Vitality opting for a six-man roster is similar to why Astralis extended their roster so that they can freely switch between players to avoid fatigue, stress, and burnout, while also getting a strategic upper hand to assemble a different lineup for every situation and opponent.

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Shortlisted Players


23-year-old Maka who currently plays for Team Heretics is on the cards as a possible sixth. He has quite a lot of experience when it comes to tier-two Counter-Strike but has not actively played a lot of international tournaments.


Another player who could be recruited by Vitality is ScreaM’s younger brother Nivera who is also currently playing for Team Heretics. The 19-year-old started his professional career just a year back but has quickly risen up the ranks as he continues to perform well.


French-Moroccan player hAdji who currently plays for Team LDLC has the most amount of experience among the candidates. He was actually Vitality’s first choice when they were looking for a player to replace ALEX but the deal fell through due to difficult negotiations.


Keoz is the final choice for the position of the sixth player. The 19-year-old has been in the scene for a couple of year now and has already managed to qualify for a CS:GO Major along with Syman Gaming. He is quite talented and has previously played with a French team called MaxiSaucisse.

Vitality’s decision as to who they sign as their sixth player depends on a number of factors like experience, versatility, potential, and ease of negotiation with the respective organizations. No official statement has been made by the organization or any of the players listed above, let’s see which player gets to play with the French lineup in the future!

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Former MIBR IGL FalleN Might be Joining TaZ And NEO in HONORIS_5f6ce084b940f.jpeg

Former MIBR IGL FalleN Might be Joining TaZ And NEO in HONORIS

Ever since MIBR let go of some of its long-standing members there have been some wild speculations as to who might be signing the players next. It seems that at least one of them might have found a new team already as speculations are being made that Gabriel “FalleN” Toledo might soon be joining the Polish CS:GO team HONORIS.

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FalleN To Join Polish CS:GO Team HONORIS?

The speculations started to pick-up pace when Polish CS:GO insider ‘polish leaks’ revealed yesterday that former MIBR in-game leader FalleN had been spotted helping out HONORIS as a coach in one of their recent matches.

This was followed by HONORIS themselves posting a Brazilian flag on both their Twitter and Facebook pages earlier today which added fuel to the fire. Brazilian fans flocked in hordes guessing the future lineup of the Polish team that currently ranks 109 in the world as per HLTV global rankings.

While no official statement has been made yet by HONORIS themselves a few clues were certainly dropped by them. At the moment we know for a fact that the team’s core will continue to remain Polish but Brazilian players will definitely be picked by them, but the capacity in which they will function is still unclear. 

HONORIS further replied to a user who had tagged FalleN with a high five which indirectly shows that it will most likely be him joining the team either alone or with a few other players, maybe Fernando “⁠fer⁠” Alvarenga or Epitacio “⁠TACO⁠” de Melo.

Many other rosters were thrown around by users but at the moment all focus is on FalleN who seems to be enjoying a vacation in Poland itself. His last few posts on his Twitter account show him taking pictures with the likes of Jaroslaw “pashaBiceps” Jarzabkowski and Wiktor “TaZ” Wojtas who is also a part of HONORIS.

For now, all of this is just mere speculation so take the information with a pinch of salt as it may ultimately turn out to be nothing in the end. Let’s see what happens going forward!

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CS:GO Insider Says That Official Version of Tuscan is in Development_5f6c770b95403.jpeg

CS:GO Insider Says That Official Version of Tuscan is in Development

One of the most loved CS 1.6 maps Tuscan might soon be making its way to CS:GO as the official version of the map is currently under development according to reports by popular Counter-Strike insider who goes by the name of Nors3 on Twitter. He said that the creator of the original 1.6 map was working on this project himself and that the “Map is (still) in an early stage.”

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Official Version Of Tuscan Under Development

CS:GO insider Nors3 earlier today dropped a big surprise with the announcement of the official version of Tuscan which he says is currently in its early stages of development. He also revealed that the original creator of the 1.6 version of the map Colin ‘brute’ Volrath was working on the project along with another map creator ‘catfood’.

He was seen scouting CS:GO pros who would be willing to playtest Tuscan, requesting players from preferably the top fifty teams in the world to come forward and help out the creators. Interested players can directly message Nors3 or any of the map creators.

A picture of the new Tuscan was also shared by Nors3 through which we can get a good glimpse of the map. At the moment everything in the photo looks a bit animated and a little too bright but all this would gradually improve as the project moves forward.

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The majority of the community members are quite ecstatic to hear about an official version of the map being worked upon as Tuscan is considered to be one of the most popular Counter-Strike maps to have ever been made. The map was appreciated for being really well balanced and the best map for competitive gameplay, sadly the map never saw the light of day following CS 1.6 as Valve declined to include the defusal map in any of its sequels ever since.

In November last year popular Twitter personality Haci (@DonHaci) had also stated that Tuscan was under development and that “the first looks of the map might be out in as short as the next couple of months.”

Though the timeline has been stretched quite a bit it seems that we might soon have an official remake of Tuscan on our hands, but at the moment it is still not guaranteed if we might see it make its way into official Valve servers or not.

CS:GO Pro ImpressioN Leaves BTRG Due to Breach of Contract_5f6b4ef5f01e4.jpeg

CS:GO Pro ImpressioN Leaves BTRG Due to Breach of Contract

Singaporean CS:GO pro Anthony “ImpressioN” Lim announced earlier today that he has parted ways with Chinese esports organization BTRG citing breach of contract by the organization over the last 3 months. He said that despite there being problems he stuck around with the team and tried to reach an amicable solution but as certain issues still remained unresolved, he took a decision to “take a break from this hectic year of 2020.”

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ImpressioN Leaves Chinese Organization BTRG

The 24-year-old Singaporean rifler who was also the in-game leader for BTRG announced his departure from the Chinese organization following months of turmoil due to unresolved issues with the organization and work overload, which lead to stress, fatigue, and eventual burnout, forcing him to take a break and step down from the roster. 

He claims that during the last 3 months BTRG had breached the terms of the contract that they had agreed upon, as he worked tirelessly as the team’s point of contact with the organization because he was the only one that could speak and understand Chinese. 

“BTRG had breached terms of the contract that we’ve agreed upon and despite that; we worked together to try and solve the issue so as to extend our cooperation.”

ImpressioN also says that he overworked himself for a long time until Piyangoon “MYM” Kitisin joined the team as the coach and took on some of the responsibilities from him. Before that he used to take care of the following responsibilities,

  • Communicating with the organization.
  • Arranging practices for the team.
  • Setting daily tasks/goals for practice.
  • Fixing mistakes conducted by the team.
  • Maintaining his own personal play time.

Despite the mental and physical stress ImpressioN states that he was handling the situation well and his individual performance had also improved quite a lot, which is evident from the player’s HLTV stats for the last 3 months.

In a statement given to AFK Gaming ImpressioN said that “I was dealing with it pretty good all the way up until the last two weeks, every freaking day I was trying to solve the problem but the org basically didn’t want to work hand-in-hand with me to solve it. So that was when everything crashed on me together fatigue, stress, etc. Which lead to insomnia, heartburn, and acid reflux, so eventually I drew the line and just left.”

He went on to thanks all the players, wishing them the best going ahead while also announcing a short break so as to “recover physically and mentally and weigh my options before deciding on my next venture.”

AFK Gaming reached out to BTRG for a comment as well but at the time of writing this article we have received no response from them. ImpressioN is now a free agent who is looking forward to work in Counter-Strike as a player, coach, or even an analyst, let’s see what lies ahead for the experienced IGL.

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Stewie Faces Heavy Backlash For Criticizing CS:GO Match Schedule_5f6b2bd0a28b0.jpeg

Stewie Faces Heavy Backlash For Criticizing CS:GO Match Schedule

Team Liquid’s in-game leader Jake “Stewie2K” Yip was heavily criticized by the CS:GO community for complaining about having to a play an official CS:GO match at 10 AM in the morning. The final group stage matches of the currently ongoing ESL Pro League Season 12 – North America were scheduled to take place at 10 AM yesterday which was a bit unusual but apparently, the players had been notified about it well in advance.

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Stewie Criticized For Complaining About Match Schedule

The 22-year-old NA rifler who is the in-game leader of Team Liquid received harsh criticism from the community members for complaining about having to play an ESL Pro League match at 10 AM against Evil Geniuses. A lot of pros and talents had also stepped forward to troll the player and put forward their opinion on the matter.

Chad “SPUNJ” Burchill revealed that the schedule was made public back in August which means that the players had more than enough time to figure things out while asking some direct questions like “Did their managers not inform them? Why did they wait until the day of (the match) to complain?”

Turkish player Engin “MAJ3R” Kupeli also stepped forward with a completely different take as he said that people in general wake up at 7 AM and work until 9 PM all their life and so it should not be difficult to wake up at 10 AM to play a game. Pointing his statements towards Stewie he said that “stop complaining for nothing, don’t sleep at 6 AM, have a good sleep schedule.”

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Following such strong backlash Stewie instead of apologizing made another Tweet in which he tried to explain the meaning behind his statement saying that “If it’s so easy then why don’t you guys come do it for yourselves.” He explained that his complaint was against the amount of tournaments, constantly changing schedules, and other factors.

A few people like Jarek “DeKay” Lewis and Finn “karrigan” Andersen did side with Stewie as well and actually understood where he was coming from to criticize the match schedule. In the end, Team Liquid did play against EG and lost ‘2-0’ starting off their playoffs journey from the lower bracket against 100 Thieves.

17-Year-Old CS:GO Pro oBo Steps Down From Complexity_5f6aec765f225.jpeg

17-Year-Old CS:GO Pro oBo Steps Down From Complexity

The American esports organization Complexity faces a sudden problem as the 17-year-old American CS:GO player Owen “oBo” Schlatter has decided to step down from the roster out of the blue. He has already returned to the United States of America and will not be playing with Complexity in the upcoming ESL Pro League Season 12: Europe playoffs.

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oBo Takes A Decision To Bench Himself

Founder and CEO of Complexity Jason Lake via an emergency CS:GO press conference made the announcement public just a few hours before Complexity was scheduled to participate in the closed qualifiers of DreamHack Open Fall 2020, from which they have now been eliminated following back-to-back ‘2-1’ loses to sAw and SJ Gaming.

In the press conference, Lake said that oBo had expressed reservations to return to America over the player break and had ultimately decided to return after the ESL Pro League playoffs but “Very early this morning London time he informed the team that he was at the airport and was returning home.”

He further clarified that there was no team drama or internal fights between its members, “this was a decision that Owen needed to make for himself.” He went on to thank him for his hard work and contributions while also stating that Complexity has already started searching for its fifth player but for the time being, they are looking for a stand-in who could play the ESL Pro League Season 12 – Europe playoffs with them.

Since the announcement, many pro players and other prominent personalities have come forward to offer support to oBo with the general statement being that it was right on his part to take the call, but a part of the community was not happy with the 17-year-old’s conduct of informing the team at the very last moment that too from the airport which left them in a fix.

Complexity will be helping oBo find a place with a North American team and get him settled there as they look forward to continuing playing in the European region for now. Let’s see how things work out for both the parties involved.

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CS:GO Match-Fixing Scandal Might be Behind Dignitas Dropping 2 VALORANT Players_5f6aec7b87b42.jpeg

CS:GO Match-Fixing Scandal Might be Behind Dignitas Dropping 2 VALORANT Players

Earlier today American esports organization Dignitas parted ways with two of its VALORANT players Ryan “shanks“ Ngo and Kevin “poised” Ngo. While Dignitas gave their own reasons for the two departures many in the CS:GO community believe this to be related to the ‘CS:GO Match-Fixing Scandal’ which is currently being investigated by ESIC (Esports Integrity Commission).

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A lot of professional North American VALORANT players like Matthew “Wardell” Yu, Pujan “FNS” Mehta, Braxton “brax” Pierce, Yassine “Subroza” Taoufik, and many more sent out cryptic Tweets following this announcement, which seemed to point out that something big had happened or was about to take place. This added more fuel to the fire as the speculations ran rampant across the entire CS:GO community.

Dignitas VALORANT Players Involved In CS:GO Match-Fixing Scandal?

At first, no one thought much about the recent VALORANT departures announced by Dignitas but slowly the community started to point out how the roster had just been signed a month back and despite a decent performance at Pop Flash two of the players had been removed. 

As these doubts were beginning to surface multiple VALORANT pros started to post cryptic Tweets which seemed to point towards something drastic currently going on or about to take place soon. This was when the community members joined the dots and speculations were made that both shanks and poised who are former Counter-Strike players could have been removed by Dignitas due to their possible connection with the ‘CS:GO match-fixing scandal’.

Though poised was never named publicly shanks’ name was previously outed by someone on Austin “Cooper-” Abadir’s CS:GO stream when they were discussing about the match-fixing scandal that took place in the Mountain Dew League.

The scandal which is still under investigation by ESIC has been going on since the last 18-months, but earlier this month they had given an update stating that the investigation was in its concluding stages and that an informal statement would be made from their side in the next four weeks. They had also said that 15 independent investigations were going on which they considered to be quite significant.

It is possible that both shanks and poised were among these 15 cases that were being specifically monitored by ESIC. Many of the suspected players have already left CS:GO and moved on to VALORANT where they have already been signed by an esports organization. 

At the time of writing this article, the official statements made by Dignitas and the players involved do not state anything about the them being involvement in any match-fixing scandals.

Let’s see if there is any truth to these speculations going ahead as we might be receiving an informal statement from ESIC before the end of October according to their announced schedule.

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[Watch] CS:GO User Finds Insane AWP Spots Outside The Map on Vertigo_5f6aec8124d49.jpeg

[Watch] CS:GO User Finds Insane AWP Spots Outside The Map on Vertigo

The map which was once hated by the community has slowly turned into one of the most picked maps in the competitive CS:GO circuit. As Vertigo’s popularity keeps increasingly more casual users are slowly taking an interest in the map trying out different things like, finding new utility lineups, running various unexpected strats, and even discovering unusual AWP spots outside of the map which is possible only on Vertigo due to its unique design.

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CS:GO Player Discovers Unique AWP Spots On Vertigo

A CS:GO player who goes by the name of ‘Mikooboy’ on Reddit recently shared a fantastic clip where he can be seen showing off two unique AWP spots on Vertigo which lie outside of the map. Both the spots require a mid-air boost making this a two-man job, the first spot gives the user a partial view of the ‘B-Site’ while the other gives control over ‘Mid’, this is an insane find by Mikooboy who must have spent quite a lot of time in finding these unique spots.

Though both these spots are a great discovery it cannot be used in a competitive match as these may come under bug abuse. This is because in order to gain access to any one of these spots a minimum of two players is needed which is fine, but the placement of the first player in both these instances is being referred to as a form of ‘pixel walk’ as the player is just hanging in mid-air while the second player jumps on top of him to gain a boost.

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It is similar to the famous ‘Olof Boost’ where one of the players gave Olof “olofmeister” Gustafsson a boost after taking the support of a clipping bug. Both these spots if used in a competitive match might bear negative consequences based on the same reasoning, but at least casual players can use these for some mind-blowing gameplay footage and some bonus karma before Valve fixes it.