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Pegg Turbo 7 Smartphone Tapping Robot Accessory has seven different speeds

With the Pegg Turbo 7 Smartphone Tapping Robot Accessory, you can achieve things that you never could before. This fun little gadget offers seven different tapping speeds that simulate the touch of your finger. In fact, this touchscreen tapper takes your place, so you don’t have to mundanely tap the same spot on your screen. Don’t bother setting up complicated apps that require software downloads and pop-up ads. Instead, use the Turbo 7 on your phone or tablet to speed up the progress in your game, achieving unlocks faster than ever. And its built-in rechargeable battery takes just 20 minutes to fully charge. Once it’s at 100%, the battery operates for about two days. Easy to use, this smartphone tapping robot accessory helps you use your smartphone’s touchscreen for any number of tasks.

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