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Goku’s perhaps getting a gun… in Fortnite


Within the limitless cavalcade of Fortnite crossovers comes a brand new one which I’m really shocked hasn’t occurred sooner. Goku’s doubtlessly coming, that means a handful of beloved Dragon Ball characters are additionally about to get dropped off at Tilted Towers strapped with an AK and a few slurp juice. Candy lord Jesus, that’s a sentence.

The Fortnite Twitter account teased the information, hinting at an August sixteenth launch, and gamers are already seeing what look to be property from the occasion. One in every of them is a bunch of in-game furnishings that appears like Grasp Roshi’s outside lounge space that includes a Capsule Corp capsule. The opposite is a wallpaper that includes Grasp Roshi’s iconic abandoned island.

We already know nothing is sacred to Fortnite when there’s cash to be made, however on the danger of repeating a well-known chorus, it feels unsuitable to have Goku blast something that’s not a Kamehameha wave. Weapons are higher suited to Yamcha or Oolong. Hell, I do know Bulma and Launch keep strapped. However Goku? No. Doesn’t matter, although. We’re however fools to attempt to stem the tide that’s Fortnite’s incomprehensible crossovers. Not less than this addition may lastly give us a practical reply to the age-old query of who would in a combat:


Image of Superman next to the Fortnite logo

Picture: Epic Video games

or Goku?

Screenshot from Dragon Ball Super featuring a magenta-haired Goku curling his hand into a gun shape and firing the God Shot energy move

Picture: Akira Toriyama / Toei Animation blind fold fuck. queen of bath sheeba nude. sexvid block head.