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Topson Searching For a Team to Make a Return to Competitive Dota 2


Topias “Topson” Taavitsainen may finally be making his return to competitive Dota 2 after an eight month break. The player took a break from Dota 2 following the conclusion of The International 10 and has been spending time with his family, streaming and navigating Dota 2 pubs in Southeast Asia and Europe. However, the two-time TI winning mid finally looks like he is ready to make his much awaited return..

Unfortunately, OG has indicated that it will not be in the organization’s lineup but that it has granted permission for Topson to explore other options heading into The International 11.

Topson shares his desire to return to competitive Dota 2 for TI11

In OG’s popular Road to The International with BMW documentary, Topson detailed his desire to return to active competitive play with The International 11 right around the corner. “So I have been thinking for a couple of months now, that I want to eventually come back,” said Topson, adding that he was eventually planning to return after the conclusion of The International 11 and “start fresh” next season.

But watching OG win the ESL One Stockholm Major 2022 with their young roster increased his desire to make a comeback as soon as possible. “I am looking for a new team, I want to compete in Europe because it’s definitely the strongest region there is,” said Topson in the documentary.

However, he shared that he would always look back at his time in OG where he was playing with the boys with fond memories, and called it the best time of his life. “I wish all the best for OG, it’s always going to be my home,” he added.

Topson also shared that he had new motivations that were helping him return and compete at the highest level once again. Topson said, “I had to find new ways to motivate myself. Winning TI twice, and then you’re like what’s next? Why do I keep playing?”

“I wanna go to the stage when my family is watching and supporting me. It’s definitely something that gave me a lot of motivation [now] that I have a family to take care of,” he added.

With Topson back on the market, we’re sure that many teams are going to be rethinking their rosters heading into The International 11. Midlaners better watch out. blind fold fuck. queen of bath sheeba nude. sexvid block head.