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Nvidia RTX 4080 and RTX 4070 rumours counsel we’re nonetheless some time away from a real launch

Nvidia Turing GPUs pictured by Fritzchens Fritz

(Picture credit score: Fritzchens Fritz | Flickr)

Proving that Nvidia’s RTX 40-series graphics playing cards are seemingly no nearer an precise launch, the rumoured specs for the RTX 4080 and RTX 4070 have modified. Once more. 

Now, clearly these aren’t last, confirmed GPU specs, simply rumoured chip numbers, however the truth that the specs for 2 of a very powerful graphics playing cards of your complete Nvidia next-gen are nonetheless fluid would counsel they’re nonetheless not in manufacturing correct.

Curiously, it seems like Jen-Hsun giveth and Jen-Hsun taketh away, because the RTX 4070 is reportedly getting 12GB of GDDR6X reminiscence now—versus the 10GB it initially was rumoured to have—whereas the RTX 4080 is getting a reduce to its CUDA core rely. 

After all that is all based mostly on the tweets of chatterbox Twitter leaker, Kopite7kimi, who has been throwing numbers round like an over-enthusiastic bingo caller for the previous 12 months or so. Prior to now day or in order that they have posted up to date GPU specs, with potential 3DMark Time Spy Excessive scores as well. 

I might say essentially the most fascinating is the RTX 4070 hearsay, suggesting Nvidia has heard the pointless clamour for ‘moar recollections’ from the ravening tech hordes sad on the prospect of solely 10GB of GDDR6 on the third-tier AD104 Lovelace GPU, and thrown them one other couple of gigabytes of fast VRAM to maintain ’em quiet. 

Except for that, nonetheless, the rise to a 192-bit bus is extra welcome, and the actual fact it is supposedly bought the speedy 21Gbps reminiscence now, too. However additionally it is getting a wholesome additional dollop of CUDA cores if this newest leak is to be believed. The earlier spec held 7168 cores, the place the brand new quantity’s 7680.

There’s an replace of RTX 4070. PG141-SKU3317680FP3212G 21Gbps GDDR6X300WTSE >11000August 4, 2022

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The other has occurred with the brand new potential RTX 4080 GPU, nonetheless, with the most recent AD103 chip spec coming with 9,728 CUDA cores versus the ten,240 that was beforehand promised. 

Which means the RTX 4080 has 512 fewer cores, whereas the RTX 4070 has 512 extra cores. Which doubtless equates to 4 streaming multiprocessors (SMs), although in all probability will not make an enormous distinction generally rasterised efficiency. It’d make a distinction in ray traced efficiency, nonetheless, as you are both gaining or shedding an extra 4 RT cores within the combine.

I am not a chatterbox, however I’ve to make some updates. I hope you do not thoughts. a attainable RTX 4080, PG136/139-SKU360AD103-300-A19728FP32256bit 16G 21Gbps GDDR6Xtotal energy ~420WTSE ~15000Now I’ve accomplished the most recent replace for 4090, 4080 and 4070.August 5, 2022

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Nonetheless, the (in all probability not fully fabricated) Time Spy Excessive scores are tantalising, nonetheless, placing the RTX 4070 on the identical degree because the RTX 3090 Ti, and the RTX 4080 some 33% larger. Alongside the perfect of our scores from the final technology, it is a potential step change in efficiency.

Rumoured performance of Nvidia RTX 40-series vs. PC Gamer benchmarks of RTX 30-series GPUs

However, y’know, this all means it is more and more unlikely that we will see multiple RTX 40-series GPU this 12 months, and it is in all probability not going to be the one you need it to be. We have spoken to insiders who’ve mentioned it is doubtless to not be an enormous launch this 12 months, which performs into the expectation that solely the hyper-expensive, largely unattainable RTX 4090 would be the solely genuinely new graphics card from the inexperienced staff in 2022.

And that is relatively miserable.

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