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The Nvidia RTX 4080 GPU will not be launching this yr in any case

Mock up of RTX 4080

(Picture credit score: Future)

The newest GPU rumours are suggesting that Nvidia will not be releasing the RTX 4080 this yr (opens in new tab) in any case, with solely the top-end RTX 4090 GPU seeing the sunshine of day in 2022. We had anticipated that we might not less than see the highest three tiers of the Ada Lovelace GPU era someday from September onwards, which might have seen the RTX 4090, the RTX 4080, and the RTX 4070 rolling off the manufacturing line to please the body charge loving plenty.

However a number of various elements have led to hypothesis that Nvidia could also be altering this plan, and be pushing again the launch of its new graphics card era with a purpose to enable the sudden glut of current-gen graphics playing cards to be bought by means of within the channel. 

Personally, I can see Nvidia perhaps nudging the launch again later within the yr, however I might be actually stunned if solely the RTX 4090 received out forward of New 12 months’s Day.

With the cryptocurrency crash, and the easing of the worldwide provide chain disaster, there are extra RTX 30-series—and competing AMD Radeon RX 6000-series—graphics playing cards out within the wild. And that is simply the brand new playing cards on the cabinets of shops, not contemplating the anticipated, and yet-to-hit, flood of second-hand mining playing cards from crypto bros seeking to recuperate a few of their losses as they get out of the mining recreation for good. Or not less than for now.

YouTube channel, Moore’s Legislation is Useless (opens in new tab), has cited sources at Nvidia’s graphics card companions as being exasperated with the quantity of inventory nonetheless within the channel, suggesting that “Nvidia underestimated how determined we had been getting.” They’ve reportedly refused to maintain shopping for current-gen GeForce chips till they’ll promote their present inventories of graphics playing cards and are “prepared to danger Lovelace [the next-gen Nvidia GPU codename] allocation in the event that they threaten us.”

We have now now seen Nvidia presumably providing some assist to its AIBs by providing a “restricted time” value promotion which has seen the worth of the RTX 3090 Ti dropping by $500 (opens in new tab).

In that very same MLID video, they cite a number of sources ‘confirming’ that the 450W Nvidia RTX 4090 24GB card is launching in October. Tweaker Greymon55 (opens in new tab) has additionally tweeted primarily the identical factor, reporting an announcement of the AD102 GPU powering the RTX 4090 being set for September with an October launch.

However they then observe that up stating that the AD103, AD104, and AD106 GPUs—these powering the RTX 4080 playing cards, and beneath—will not now be launching till 2023. Then stating that, “all of the playing cards underneath [AD]102 are in subsequent yr, until they [Nvidia] change their plans midway by means of.” 

Although they do observe up with the straightforward get-out clause: “I am unable to assure this info, however it is vitally possible.”  

I dunno, man. Launching an entire new era of GPU with an virtually totally unattainable graphics card, the possible $1,500 RTX 4090, with nothing extra reasonably priced coming for perhaps three months? That looks as if a recipe for lots of dangerous emotions to me. 

I get the concept that Nvidia may wish to assist its graphics card companions shift inventory earlier than launching a bunch of latest playing cards, however I am unable to see the way it can actually justify a solo launch for its Ada Lovelace era of latest GPUs.

It would all rely upon what AMD has deliberate, nevertheless. In the intervening time we’re anticipating the monolithic Navi 33 and the high-end chiplet-based Navi 31 (opens in new tab) to launch this yr. But when Dr. Su’s workforce push all of it again, too, the launch schedule on the finish of 2022 may look a little bit stark in GPU phrases.

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