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Look out, used mining GPUs are turning up with useless reminiscence chips

A cryptocurrency mining rig composed of Asus Strix machines operates at the SberBit mining 'hotel' in Moscow, Russia, on Saturday, Dec. 9, 2017.

(Picture credit score: Getty Pictures, Bloomberg / Contributor)

There’s an excellent probability that GPU to procure second-hand from some determined erstwhile crypto miner will work wonderful. Mining ethereum 24 hours a day does not truly put a variety of undue stress on the graphics silicon, significantly as a variety of them might be underclocked to scale back the ability draw.

That does not imply the graphics card as an entire will work wonderful, nonetheless, as a result of what cryptocurrency mining does appear to chew by means of are the reminiscence chips connected to your GPU. These might get fried, then be bypassed by an enterprising miner, and the entire card would nonetheless limp alongside as a shadow of its former self.

Caveat emptor. Purchaser beware. That is the overall jist round whether or not it is best to make the most of the newest cryptocurrency crash and purchase your self an inexpensive second-hand GPU that is been caught down the crypto mines for the previous two years.

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There is a piece on WCCFTech (opens in new tab) that goes into the story of 1 consumer who purchased themselves an MSI RTX 3080 card for round half the present retail value of the cardboard within the US, solely to search out that 2GB of its reminiscence was burnt out. With the Asian GPU market getting flooded by second-hand playing cards, as miners search to ship off their stock (opens in new tab) whereas they may nonetheless be capable to recoup a few of their funding in {hardware}, this might grow to be a typical story.

The piece notes there are bypasses accessible, which permit miners to get round bust reminiscence chips on a board and nonetheless permit them to make use of a graphics card, albeit at decreased effectiveness, utilizing the remaining useful chips. It’s apparently known as ‘reminiscence shielding,’ although is past my private ken (opens in new tab).

You possibly can, if you happen to had prepared entry to equivalent reminiscence chips, have the damaged ones changed and your used card would as soon as extra be able to roll at full chat. However that is a distinct segment case, and extra probably you will simply be left with a lame card.

The second-hand market is unquestionably going to be buoyed—throughout the globe—by the crypto crash, however that does not essentially make it a good time to seize a used GPU. In fact, most likely the alternative.

Our recommendation can be to keep away from any second-hand GPU you observed has been used for mining, and if in any respect doable see it working earlier than you half along with your hard-earned money.

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