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Storage examine finds SSDs may not be way more dependable than HDDs in any case

SSDs dangling on a blue background

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Typical knowledge says strong state drives are inherently much less susceptible to failures than mechanical arduous disk drives as a result of they lack any shifting components. However because it seems, having spinning platters, actuator arms, and a motor, as present in all HDDs, will not be a giant drawback because it pertains to reliability, a brand new report by Backblaze suggests.

Backblaze is a subscription-based cloud storage and backup service that has been in operation for over a decade. As such, it’s in a singular place to supply real-world information on drive failure charges, and it usually makes its stats on drive failures out there for public consumption.

The corporate had been completely utilizing HDDs up till mid-2018, at which level it started using SSDs as boot drives on a trial foundation. The experiment went properly, so it ended up switching to solely utilizing SSDs as boot drives in new storage deployments, and in addition when changing failed HDDs.

“In our case, describing these drives as boot drives is a misnomer as boot drives are additionally used to retailer log recordsdata for system entry, diagnostics, and extra. In different phrases, these boot drives are often studying, writing, and deleting recordsdata along with their named perform of booting a server at startup,” Backblaze explains.

This allowed Backblaze to match the failure charges of 1,666 SSDs to 1,607 HDDs, and the preliminary information favors the latter—there have solely been 17 SSD failure since deploying the speedy storage medium, versus 619 HDD failures.

At first look, it will seem SSDs are overwhelmingly extra dependable than HDDs. Nonetheless, Backblaze factors out that the typical age of the SSDs drive is simply 14.2 months, with the oldest of bunch having been employed for 33 months. In the meantime, the typical age of the HDDs is 52.4 months, with the youngest being 27 months.

“To create a extra correct comparability, we are able to try to regulate for the typical age and drive days in our evaluation. To do that, we are able to take the HDD cohort again in time in our data to see the place the typical age and drive days are much like these of the SSDs from Q2 2021,” Backblaze says.

This is what it seems to be like when controlling for drive age:

Backblaze chart outlining SSD and HDD failure statistics

(Picture credit score: Backblaze)

The majority of HDD failures got here after an prolonged time frame. When turning again the clock to have a look at drive failures after round 14 months, SSDs nonetheless fail much less usually, however not by very a lot—they’ve an annualized failure fee of 1.05% versus 1.38% for HDDs.

“The place does that depart us in selecting between shopping for a SSD or a HDD? Given what we all know up to now, utilizing the failure fee as a consider your determination is questionable,” Backblaze says. “As soon as we managed for age and drive days, the 2 drive varieties have been related and the distinction was definitely not sufficient by itself to justify the additional price of buying a SSD versus a HDD.”

That does not imply you need to return to utilizing HDDs. Backblaze highlights a number of different deciding elements, equivalent to pace, electrical energy, and kind issue necessities (or preferences).

It is also price noting that the information is restricted in scope. Whereas early failure charges do not closely favor SSDs over HDDs, it’s fully attainable that over time, SSDs will show extra dependable. Solely time will inform. As well as, not all drives are created equal. Whereas nonetheless fascinating, the information is simply too slim.

That stated, not one of the SSD failures have been the results of write endurance or primarily based on SMART monitoring stats. Backblaze says it is just firstly of utilizing SMART stats to proactively fail an SSD, which means it yanks an SSD if it believes a failure is imminent. These have been all reactive failures, the place the drives merely stopped working.

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