Microsoft suggests these divisive Home windows 11 system specs ship a 99.8% crash-free expertise


Microsoft continues to double down on its assertion that the Home windows 11 system necessities are completely obligatory, and this entire TPM 2.0 schtick is important for the protection of you, your PC, and possibly even the world. Okay, I made that final bit up, however the huge M is sticking to its weapons and has launched one other video (through Videocardz) backing its resolution on excluding an entire lot of {hardware} that was positive with Home windows 10.

The most recent declare is that you will see fewer blue screens of demise—or possibly black screens of demise—due to the brand new system necessities, citing a “99.8% crash-free expertise within the [Windows 11] preview.”

Look, there’s nonetheless part of us that feels sooner or later sooner or later, possibly the distant future, Microsoft will flip round and say ‘You realize, what? We do not thoughts what processor you utilize with Home windows 11,’ however for proper now that is the place we’re at. You want a contemporary CPU for Home windows 11 for safety and reliability.

And possibly somewhat efficiency.

“So the requirement for Intel eighth Gen and AMD Ryzen 2000-series, and newer, chipsets does undoubtedly contribute to efficiency,” states Microsoft VP Steve Dispensa within the latest video. “However the principle rationale right here is definitely the balanced safety with efficiency. Safety is on the core of those necessities.”

He does level to variations in how Home windows 11 prioritises apps working within the foreground window. With the system working at 90% CPU load, it is nonetheless doable to get a responsive expertise opening and utilizing foreground apps thanks to those prioritisations.

“Underneath the hood, we have performed a whole lot of work in reminiscence administration to favour the app home windows we’ve got working within the foreground, so that they are prioritised with extra CPU and different system assets.”

He additionally means that the Edge browser’s sleeping tabs can assist cut back reminiscence calls for by 32% and CPU utilization by 37% on common. It is price stating these numbers relate purely to the browser expertise, and with sleeping tabs on and off, not a measure of the efficiency distinction that Home windows 11 itself is providing.

However whereas the system necessities and their give attention to TPM 2.0 compatibility for safety is not that attractive a purpose for ditching barely older CPUs, having an OS that crashes solely 0.2% % of the time is likely to be extra engaging to potential customers.

“We have additionally targeted on reliability,” he continues. “So supported CPUs use the brand new home windows DCH drivers, and are supported by our OEM and our silicon companions… Now with these new chips, and the motive force mannequin, we’re now seeing a 99.8% crash free expertise within the preview.”  

Nonetheless, it is all simply messaging which means the identical factor: These are the Home windows 11 system necessities and also you’re simply going to must dwell with it. A minimum of for now, whereas Microsoft continues to confuse us all.

Dave James

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