[Watch] VINI Hits Again to Again Wallbangs to Deny Liquid a Plant on Mirage


There are specific surfaces in CS:GO by which bullets can penetrate, with each weapon having its personal penetration harm. This principally implies that a participant taking cowl behind such surfaces will nonetheless take harm if fired upon. In a tense time beyond regulation scenario towards Workforce Liquid, FURIA’s Vinicius “VINI” Figueiredo, armed with an AWP took full benefit of 1 such penetrable cowl on Mirage’s ‘A-Website’, securing consecutive wallbang kills to win the spherical for his facet.

These pictures should not straightforward to take as you don’t truly know the place of the enemy participant behind the wall or field. A missed shot would have put FURIA underneath numerous strain, so expectantly and wonderful positioning, VINI was capable of hit these unimaginable wallbangs.

VINI wins spherical for FURIA on the again of insane wallbangs

VINI was on fireplace within the 33rd spherical of the map towards Workforce Liquid throughout the time beyond regulation on Mirage. Workforce Liquid with a late rotation into the ‘A-Website’ through the ‘Connector’ had been coming in for a plant, however VINI with a superbly timed rotate by the ‘CT-Spawn’ reached simply in time when Michael “Grim” Wince was in the midst of planting the C4.

Together with his immaculate intuition and a little bit of luck, VINI took a shot by the field which landed a headshot by the duvet on Grim, efficiently denying the plant with solely 14 seconds left on the spherical clock.

Jacky “Stewie2K” Yip went in subsequent to proceed planting, with a little bit of a unique angle behind the identical field. This time VINI as soon as once more peaked blind not understanding the enemy’s place, however his prediction turned out to be correct as he as soon as once more landed a headshot to disclaim the plant for the second time.

This was sufficient to win them the spherical as solely six seconds remained on the spherical clock and Keith “NAF” Markovic was nonetheless a big distance away from the dropped C4.

That was one unimaginable play from VINI as he single-handedly received the spherical for his facet, with a few very well calculated wallbangs, as FURIA merely performed the clock and stored preventing on.

Sadly, Workforce Liquid received the over time ’19-17′, eliminating FURIA from the group stage as they, together with NIP and Gambit, made it by to the ESL Professional League Season 14 – Playoffs.