This legend made an enormous F key that truly works


“Press F to pay respects” is a meme that can by no means die, as a result of the day it does we are going to all press F in its reminiscence and it’ll rise once more, undead, immortal, the unkillable meme. Anyway, this one dude made an actual large F key and it guidelines

Jaryd Giesen is an Australian YouTuber who makes stuff like these candy Minecraft bee string lights with the assistance of a 3D printer, ingenuity, and a willingness to make do with no matter is at hand, documenting the method in movies the place he tries to not injure himself as he goes. They’re effectively value a watch, however Giesen has actually outdone himself with the massive F key.

The completed factor not solely works, letting you pay your respects with a slap of the palm like a marine placing his gloved hand on a coffin actually would, it is even bought RGB lighting. Heck, you might even use this factor to sort the letter F if you happen to ever wanted to take action in a very dramatic means. Properly executed, dude. This is one for you: F.

If you wish to make your personal large F key this is a Thingiverse information.

Thanks, Polygon.

Jody Macgregor

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