Apex Legends Seer Nerf Incoming for Being “A Bit Too Robust”


Seer nerfs in Apex Legends began being requested as quickly as the brand new legend dropped. It turned apparent to each the aggressive and informal neighborhood that the brand new Season 10 legend is means too highly effective and requires quick consideration from the devs. In a Reddit AMA, Respawn gameplay engineer Travis Nordin talked about Seer nerfs in Apex Legends which are coming very quickly. Along with Apex Legends’ Seer nerts, gamers have additionally known as for modifications to the Prowler and Alternator however Respawn is at present monitoring the ability degree of the not too long ago tweaked weapons earlier than any modifications are finalized.

Why Seer want nerfs in Apex Legends

Seer was launched with Season 10 and he instantly left a long-lasting affect on the meta. He has a tactical means that offers you wall hacks, similar to Bloodhound, however you additionally get to see enemy well being bars and protect bars. Along with the power to scan enemies, you additionally get to stun them together with your tactical and cancel therapeutic merchandise utilization or revives. If that’s not all, the tactical acts like a flashbang and does 10 injury to all enemies caught in it.

Respawn gameplay engineer Travis Nordin stated throughout the Reddit AMA “Seer has launched sturdy, which was the hope. He is additionally introduced lots of new gameplay parts to the sport which has pushed lots of dialogue with gamers, which is nice to see. With that being stated (Seer) might be a bit too sturdy in the meanwhile and can (obtain) some stability updates in an upcoming patch.”

He adopted up stating that followers is not going to have to attend for the mid-season patch to get the modifications and tweaks will likely be made on a direct foundation. The stability crew is already working issues out and plan to take away the flash impact from Seer’s tactical together with different minor tweaks. Seer nerfs in Apex Legends can not come quickly sufficient as his presence within the meta has pushed out characters like Bangalore, and his recon capabilities outshine that of Crypto. The builders intend to buff Crypto, Wattson and Bangalore sooner or later however there is no such thing as a timeframe accessible for the modifications but.

A number of the weapons within the present meta together with the Prowler SMG and the brand new Rampage LMG are additionally potential outliers. The crew is wanting on the weapon stability for now and no modifications are confirmed but. Nevertheless, it’s one thing that’s on Respawn’s radar and if modifications are needed, they are going to be made within the upcoming emergency stability patch.