Cell Legends Superior Server Patch 1.6.06: Full Notes and Updates Revealed


The Cell Legends Superior Server Patch 1.6.06 replace has been launched by Moonton with a couple of battlefield changes and tweaks for the revamped heroes in addition to different heroes within the recreation.The spotlight of the Cell Legends Superior Server Patch 1.6.06 is the discharge of the brand new assist hero, Floryn. The brand new replace includes a ton of steadiness modifications for numerous heroes equivalent to Aldous, Pharsa, X.Borg, Kaja, and Harley. The just lately launched hero, Natan and Aamon additionally obtained slight changes to their skills. These updates are at the moment solely out there within the superior server of Cell Legends and should not but confirmed to be launched within the common servers.

Cell Legends Superior Server Patch 1.6.06: New content material

New Hero: Floryn

The brand new assist hero Floryn has been revealed within the superior server with an fascinating mechanic. She may give allies a particular merchandise that doesn’t take up house within the stock. This merchandise will proceed to develop in energy and grants Floryn bonus stats. At full stacks, the ally who’s carrying the merchandise will obtain 10% bodily assault and magic injury in addition to 500 bonus HP.

Floryn Splash Artwork

Cell Legends Superior Server Patch 1.6.06: Hero steadiness modifications


Ability 1

  • Optimized the Assault Velocity so it might probably simply hit fast-moving enemies

  • Additional Soul Steal stack gained upon non-hero enemies’ deaths: 1 → 2

Ability 2

  • Eliminated the Fundamental Assault Immunity impact.

  • Harm Discount: 50% → 30%.


  • Barely diminished the stun period on hit.


  • Defend Worth: Harm of the triggering Fundamental Assault → 500 + 3* Soul Steal stack


Ability 2

  • Cooldown: 6.5s → 5.5s


Saber receives slight nerfs to forestall him from snowballing too early in matches.


  • Bodily Protection Discount: 7 → 5-8 (scales with stage)



  • Vitality restored upon selecting up a Firaga Provide when Armorless: 15 → 10


Kaja receives a slight nerf to his skills so opponents can have a good probability to struggle again.

Ability 2

  • Cooldown: 13s-11s → 13s-10s

  • Magic Energy Bonus: 120% → 80%


  • Magic Energy Bonus: 150% → 100%

  • Magic Protection Discount: 10-30 → 10-2-


Harley obtained a bugfix alongside a slight nerf.

Ability 1

  • Base Harm: 150-230 → 120-200

[Bugfix] A problem was fastened the place sure gradual results couldn’t set off Fighter Emblem’s Disabling Strike.

Revamped Kagura

Kagura’s hit price on her 1st talent was a bit of an excessive amount of. Slight injury nerf is applied to forestall her from overperforming.

Ability 1

  • Magic Energy Bonus: 150% → 135%


  • The primary injury occasion now offers injury and applies a 1.5s lengthy 50% gradual impact on hit. The full injury stays unchanged.

Aamon receives a slight adjustment in his skills.



A partial revamp of Aamon’s skills has been applied.


  • Aamon briefly positive aspects a Demonic Blade every time he hits an enemy with a talent or enhanced Fundamental Assault, as much as 3. Aamon’s abilities are enhanced primarily based on the variety of Demonic Blades he possesses.

Ability 1

  • Every Demonic Blade will increase the variety of Malefic Blades flung, growing the injury. Malefic Blades will fall to the bottom.

Ability 2

  • Every Demonic Blade will increase the variety of Malefic Blades flung, growing the injury and management impact.


It’s now divided into 2 elements.

  • The primary half immediately triggers the Passive’s Invisible State and Motion Velocity increase.

  • The second half locks on to an enemy hero and flings a number of Malefic Blades at them. The variety of Malefic Blades will increase with the Demonic Blades. Aamon’s Malefic Blades possesses a close-by enemy, dealing injury. After a time period, all of the blades will scatter from the enemy after which converge once more after a brief delay, dealing a considerable amount of injury.


A couple of modifications to his capability results to forestall him from overperforming in matches because of double penetration stats by constructing particular objects.


  • Bodily Penetration is now not transformed to Magic Penetration.

  • Eliminated Malefic Roar from really helpful builds.



  • Cooldown: 42s-34s → 34s-26s.

Cell Legends Superior Server Patch 1.6.06: System modifications

  • Added impact icon ideas for some tools.

  • Optimized the show impact of Kimmy’s Fundamental Assault button.


  • Mounted a problem the place Nana’s strikes had been irregular after she retrieved the Magic Boomerang throughout Winter Truncheon’s Frozen.

  • Mounted a problem the place Yi Solar-Shin’s mannequin would go down after he recalled on his Turtle Ship.

  • Mounted a problem the place the counting impact above Aamon was usually displaced.

  • Mounted a problem the place Granger’s muzzle impact would shift when he was managed through the Final.

  • Mounted a problem the place the mannequin of Solar’s Doppelganger would seem at a sure level on the map upon disappearance.