Gen.G’s NaturE Breaks World Valorant Champions Tour World Record With 49 Kills


A match between TSM FTX and Gen.G at the VCT Stage 3 Challengers 2 closed qualifier saw multiple records being broken during the showoff. Gen.G’s Nicholas “NaturE” Garrison secured an insane 49 kills, making it the most number of kills ever secured in a Valorant match at the VCT. The previous record was held by 100 Thieves’ Peter “Asuna” Mazuryk who secured 48 kills for his team. TSM and Gen.G faced off against each other in the upper bracket at the VCT Stage 3 Challengers 2 and it not only saw NaturE put on one of his best performances, but fans also witnessed the longest match in Valorant Champions Tour history.

Gen.G vs TSM’s match on Split is the longest professional Valorant match at the VCT

While the first map of the series went in Gen.G’s favor 13-10, the second map turned the event on its head. Gen.G managed to secure a 9-3 lead before TSM managed to pull off a comeback and take the match to overtime (12-12). But fans were not prepared for what was going to come next with both teams battling it out all the way to 23-21.

Valorant is not designed to go over the typical number of rounds and both pro teams potentially pushed the game to its limits with the unending overtime. The previous record for the longest game in an official Valorant event was set by India’s Velocity Gaming and God Squad at the TEC Challengers #1 event where Velocity won 21-19 on Haven at the upper bracket finals. The record has finally been broken and it will be a match to remember for Gen.G and TSM fans.

TSM ended up winning the series but Gen.G is still in contention, with the team competing in the lower bracket in a bid to qualify for VCT Masters 3. A rematch is still possible later in the event and it will be interesting to see if the records set by both teams will be broken this season.