CS:GO Person Reveals Weird Methods to Hit No Scopes With AWP, Goes Viral on TikTok


A TikTok consumer ‘csgogoezhack’ has gone viral on the platform, garnering thousands and thousands of views by importing artistic CS:GO clips.

He makes use of widespread on a regular basis gadgets like scissors, dental floss, lemon, and extra to make use of as bodily goal help, taking some weird no scope pictures with an AWP.

The legitimacy of his observe is a subject of debate however the consumer has greater than 150,000 followers on TikTok and 6.2 million likes.

A TikTok consumer lately went viral on the platform by importing some actually artistic CS:GO content material. The consumer who goes by the title of ‘csgogoezhack’ has garnered thousands and thousands of views for exhibiting off some weird strategies to hit no scopes with the AWP. For all those that are adept on the recreation know the way ridiculously powerful it’s to hit an correct no scope with the large inexperienced, mainly as a result of weapon’s immensely excessive unfold when firing from the hip. Nevertheless, this TikTok consumer has discovered the artwork of connecting these no scope pictures by utilizing some ridiculously unconventional aiming strategies which contain lemon, scissors, dental floss, toothpicks, and extra day after day gadgets.

CS:GO participant makes use of ridiculous strategies to hit no scope with an AWP

It’s actually debatable if the strategies utilized by the CS:GO participant who goes by the title of ‘csgogoezhack’ on TikTok is legit or not, as he attaches actually bizarre gadgets to his monitor with a view to hit excellent no scopes with an AWP.

Sure, it does act as a third-party bodily goal help nevertheless it nonetheless doesn’t assure a 100% output effectivity. Additionally, the participant doesn’t use it with an intention to cheat, he does it for enjoyable utilizing objects that one would by no means even consider utilizing as an goal help crosshair.

This clearly doesn’t justify his actions and we don’t encourage delving into such actions, however it’s important to give it to the man for his creativity. To provide you with such a weird idea and maintain delivering on it constantly.

Right here is among the most viral CS:GO no scope clip created by the consumer the place he tapes a dental floss to his monitor, utilizing it as a bodily goal help to no scope his opponents to oblivion.

The clip above garnered greater than 30 million views and a couple of million likes. The consumer himself may be very common on the platform that doesn’t have a whole lot of CS:GO creators, with greater than 150,000 followers and a complete of 6.2 million likes.

Right here the consumer will be seen utilizing a factor slice of lemon which has been hollowed and caught with tape onto the display.

Within the clip beneath the consumer will be seen hitting no scope pictures via the finger grips of scissors that has been suspended in entrance of his display utilizing a thread.

The CS:GO consumer is certainly artistic as he simply converts each day use gadgets into bodily goal assists that truly work fairly properly, the legality of all of it is a subject of debate although. All of this simply goes on to indicate that even after 20 years value of competing and content material creation, Counter-Strike all the time has one thing extra if one is wanting in the best route.