S1mple Talks A few Sooner Technique to Plant C4 in CS:GO, Group Debates


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S1mple Talks About A Sooner Technique To Plant C4 In CSGO, Group Debates

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Dialogue a couple of quicker planting methodology has taken the CS:GO group by storm.

S1mple claims that urgent the ‘E’ button permits CS:GO gamers to plant the C4 quicker when in comparison with the ‘Left Click on’.

This led to an enormous debate throughout the CS:GO group as customers began countering this assertion by highlighting 3kliksphilip’s video on the subject.

A consumer even performed an experiment of his personal, his outcomes coinciding with what 3kliksphilip’s had acknowledged six years in the past.

When the most effective CS:GO participant on the earth says one thing, the group normally takes it with out asking any questions. However that was not the case yesterday when Oleksandr “s1mple” Kostyliev got here ahead to say that holding down ‘E’ to plant a C4 is quicker than utilizing the ‘Left Click on’. An on the spot debate erupted throughout the CS:GO group as customers began stating that this concept has been debunked by common Counter-Strike YouTuber 3kliksphilip. There was nonetheless loads of forwards and backwards arguments as a devoted consumer went forward to experiment on his personal, concluding that the time to plant the C4 does certainly fluctuate by a number of ticks.

Is there a quicker approach to plant the C4 in CS:GO?

Yesterday on 27th July, VP.Prodigy misplaced one spherical to Fnatic Rising on Overpass after they ran out of time to plant the C4. Highlighting this spherical particularly, Na’Vi star AWPer, s1mple got here ahead to disclose that the primary CS:GO participant who had managed to plant the C4 faster than the default time required was the Astralis captain Lukas “gla1ve” Rossander.

He adopted this up by claiming that urgent down the ‘E’ button to plant a C4 was a quicker methodology of planting than the default ‘Left Click on’.

As anticipated, it led to an enormous debate throughout the CS:GO group as customers instantly began stating an experiment performed by 3kliksphilip on this very subject greater than six years in the past.

In keeping with 3kliksphilip’s evaluation, if the participant has finished every thing proper like holding the C4 of their hand earlier than reaching the location and planting proper on the very fringe of the location proper from the place it begins, then it doesn’t matter which button the participant makes use of.

There’s a small variance however it’s random which button it favors everytime. It appears as if holding down the plant button doesn’t assure you the quickest time. The quickest approach to planting is when you press the plant button the second you enter the location.


A latest experiment performed by a CS:GO participant following s1mple’s tweet appears to be producing the identical outcome because the one showcased by 3kliksphilip. The consumer in his final result states that “After some testing, there seems to be VERY SLIGHT variation at occasions when the C4 is planted, however no more than 1 or 2 ticks.”

It appears s1mple might need been flawed in any case along with his assertion. The quicker plant time when in comparison with the set default appears to be a random oddity that isn’t related to ‘E’ or ‘Left Click on’, the explanation behind its incidence continues to be underneath debate with none stable conclusion.

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