COD Mobile Season 6 The Heat: Release Date, Patch Notes, Rewards, Price, More


Activision has come forward to announce Season 6 of Call of Duty: Mobile called The Heat. With Season 5 – In Deep Water all set to come to an end on 29th July, the developers have come forward to announce the next season while giving the players a gist of what they can expect from it. The Heat will be bringing with it new weapons, maps, operators, a revamped Zombie-infested game mode, battle pass, and a lot of rewards for the players to grind. Here is a detailed low down of what you can expect from the upcoming season, along with some speculated features that have not been officially confirmed so far.

COD Mobile Season 6 The Heat: Everything we know so far

The next season of COD Mobile is all set to come out really soon, offering a lot of exciting features and rewards some of which have already been announced while the rest will be revealed as we progress along The Heat.

Release Date

With Season 5 – In Deep Water scheduled to conclude in a few days time, Season 6 – The Heat has been announced to release on 29th July, 05:00 PM (PT).

Note: The Indian users will be receiving the seasonal update at 05:30 AM (IST) on 30th July.

Patch Notes

As usual, along with a new COD Mobile season, there will be a fresh new battle pass and a few new gameplay-related features. The developers have given a preview of what players can expect from Season 6 – The Heat.

Here are details about some of the upcoming features that will be released along with the seasonal update.

  • New Weapons: MX9, Rytec AMR, and Wrench.

    MX9 is a new rapid fire weapon, a sub machine gun with an agile fire rate. It looks a bit bulky for an SMG, but is perfect for those who like to stay on the run. Here are the base attributes of the weapon,

    Damage – 30

    Fire Rate – 65

    Accuracy – 62

    Mobility – 102

    Range – 52

    Control – 64

    Rytec AMR is a new sniper rifle added to COD Mobile with a single shot base damage of 80. It can equip both a Thermite and an Explosive magazine. Its complete base attributes are as follows,

    Damage – 80

    Fire Rate – 28

    Accuracy – 71

    Mobility – 41

    Range – 90

    Control – 41

    Wrench is a new melee weapon that has been added to the game. It can be equipped by the players and will be replacing the default knife.


Players will be able to grab different rewards through battle pass, pushing rank, and even by fighting for your clan. The rewards one can claim via the COD Mobile Season 6 battle pass is as follows,

  • Free Rewards

    Swarm Scorestreak (Unlocks at Tier 14)

    New MX9 SMG weapon (Unlocks at Tier 21)

    AK-47 – Epiphany

    Calling Card – Rugged

  • Premium Rewards

    Rosa – Double Agent, ICR-1 – Blood Money, Calling Card – Escape in Style, and a new Charm (Unlocks ar Tier 1)

    Operator Skins like Price – The Captain and Domino – Revolutionary

    Weapon Blueprints like KN-44 – Clout and MX9 – Stone Serpent

    Emote – Juggle and Shoot

Apart from these battle pass rewards, players can also earn rewards by pushing rank and helping out the clan.

  • Ranked Rewards: CR-56 AMAX – Street Venom (earned at Master I in Multiplayer) and Lerch – Penalty Kick (earned at Master III in Battle Royale).

  • Clan Wars Rewards: New Firebreak Operator Skin with equippable aesthetic items and the RUS-79U – Cagebreaker Weapon Blueprint.


The COD Mobile Season 6 battle pass will be available in two different variants, both of them containing a total of 50 Tiers. The normal battle pass will be available for 220 CP, while the battle pass bundle can be purchased for 520 CP offering additional perks and unlocking a few rewards instantly.

This is all that we know about the upcoming Season 6 – The Heat which is about to release in a few days time. More events and rewards will be released once the new season kicks off on 29th July, the biggest of them being the Undead Seige.