How To Get A Free Permanent Backpack Skin In BGMI


BGMI’s Future Leap event as part of Mission Ignition is offering players an opportunity to get a permanent free backpack skin by completing missions and earning batteries. Once you reach 100 score points, the player will be able to unlock the free permanent backpack skin (Heart of the Sea). Mission Ignition was a collaboration with Tesla that brought futuristic technology into the game including Tesla’s gigafactories, air conveyors, self driving Tesla Semis, and Model Y. Several new futuristic in-game cosmetics have also been added during Future Leap.

How to unlock free permanent backpack from Future Leap event

The Future Leap event started today on 27th July, 2021 and will end on August 11, 2021. To unlock the free Heart of the Sea backpack players will need to complete event missions to earn batteries. These are daily missions which will refresh every 24 hours. Apart from the backpack, players will also receive one supply crate and classic crate coupon as well as a Cosmic Pop Vector skin for 15 days. Here is how to complete the Future Leap event to redeem the backpack skin:

1) Enter the Future Leap event through the main menu on Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI).

2) Complete the daily missions to earn batteries for the event.

3) Use the batteries to advance the vehicle a few steps and trigger the event.

4) After completing a lap, the Tesla Model Y will be replaced with the Cybertruck and then Tesla Roadster.

5) Reach the designated scores to earn rewards.

Future Leap event rewards

These are the rewards players can earn by participating in the event.

  • 1x Supply Crate Coupon – 20 score points

  • 1x Classic Crate Coupon – 40 score points

  • Cosmic Pop Vector Skin (15 days) – 80 score points

  • Heart of the Sea Backpack (free permanent backpack skin) – 100 score points

Make sure to use all the batteries before the event ends on 11th Aug, 2021 since all unused batteries and event points will be removed.