How To Get Free RP Points And Rewards In BGMI


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Players can earn free RP points by completing daily and weekly challenges.

Weekly activity in BGMI also grants free RP points.

Players who level up the free pass will also get some free RP rewards.

The Royale Pass has been a standard feature in all of KRAFTON’s mobile battle royales, including BGMI. Since the first RP was introduced in BGMI after the July update, players have been able to earn free RP rewards by completing daily and weekly challenges to earn free RP rewards. Royale Pass rewards are a great way to get clothing, weapon skins, emotes, and other cosmetics in BGMI. Players who get the new RP for the first time will also be able to collect vouchers ranging from 60 UC to 360 UC. They will also get a similar voucher for next month’s Project T Royale Pass for free after reaching rank 30 in the current Tek Era Royale Pass.

How to Claim Free RP Rewards By Completing Challenges

RP challenges These specific challenges require gamers to complete certain specific actions in BGMI. During the July update, KRAFTON announced that the RP challenge durations have been shortened from 8 weeks to 4 weeks. The game time requirements for the pass have also been shortened and BGMI gamers will also receive bonus RP points at the end of the season.

Players can do certain tasks and complete weekly challenges to earn RP points and rank up. After collecting 100 RP points, gamers automatically rank up the level. Completing weekly activity challenges will also let players earn free RP points.

Challenges in BGMI That Earn Free RP points – Week 2

RP points Week 2 challenges.


1. For 150 RP – Finish 10 enemies with MG3 LMG in Classic Mode

2. For 75 RP

Finish 18 enemies with SMGs in Los Leones (Miramar) in Classic Mode.


Finish 18 enemies with SMGs in Sosnovka Military Base (Erangel) in Classic Mode.


Finish 18 enemies with SMGs in Paradise Resort (Sanhok) in Classic Mode.

3. For 75 RP –

Finish 50 enemies with M24 in Arena.


Use M24 to eliminate players 6 times in Classic Mode or Mission Ignition.

4. For 75 RP – Pick up a Suppressor in 20 matches in Classic Mode or Mission Ignition.

5. For 75 RP – In Classic Mode, eliminate players with a vehicle 6 times as a squad.

6. For 75 RP Activate 10 Patrol and Protection Robots in Mission Ignition

Players can earn a total of 525 RP points by completing this week’s Royale Pass challenges.

Free RP rewards in BGMI RP M1 Tek Era

While players who get the Ordinary and Elite Royale Passes get some exclusive rewards, users who level up the free pass will also get the following free RP rewards:

  • Night Stalker Parachute – Unlocks at level 13 of Free RP

  • Haaa Emote – Unlocks at level 15 of Free RP

  • Groovy Teen outfit – Unlocks at level 25 of Free RP

  • Alien Technology QBU skin – Unlocks at level 35 of Free RP

Alien Technology QBU, Groovy Teen Outfit and Night Stalker Parachute skin are some of the free RP rewards players can earn in BGMI this season. 


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