COD Mobile Undead Siege Zombie Mode: All You Need to Know


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COD Mobile Announces Undead Siege Zombies Game Mode: Gameplay Details

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Here is everything about the new COD Mobile Undead Siege game mode.

Call of Duty Mobile (COD Mobile) has officially announced a new variant of the classic zombies game mode called Undead Siege.

Undead Siege will be taking place in the Battle Royale island, introducing tower defence mechanics, and requiring players to scavenge for supplies.

The objective is to survive for five days and nights on the island, but with each passing sunrise the zombies would grow in strength.

Call of Duty Mobile (COD Mobile) has come forward to officially announce a new variant of the classic zombies game mode called Undead Siege. This version of the zombie survival game mode takes place in the vast COD Mobile Battle Royale island, instead of the comparatively smaller maps Outbreak and Mauer Der Toten. This zombies game mode is going to be an adrenaline-packed action for all COD Mobile players, their objective being surviving for five days and nights on the island, fending off waves after waves of zombies that approach you from all directions. However, this is not going to be the usual shoot to survive as players will be forced to scavenge supplies in order to survive the brutal zombies rush.

COD Mobile Undead Siege Game Mode: Complete Details

The zombies game mode has returned with a lot of changes as COD Mobile players will be taking on the undead army in the Battle Royale island this time around.

COD Mobile Undead Siege Game Mode – Teaser Image

The Undead Siege game mode offers a thrilling experience as players, despite having an option to choose their custom loadouts before dropping on the island, will be required to scavenge for supplies, better weaponry, and ammo to ensure their survival.

Objective is plain and simple, survive on the island against the zombies for five days and nights to come out on top as the winners. To further help the players defend against waves of zombies, they would be required to find different equipment and supplies to create and fortify a base.

On top of this, a tower defence element has also been introduced to the Undead Siege game mode, as players will get a chance to build and maintain turrets around their base. This will require strategy and collective team decision making, if you are to guarantee your team’s survival because the zombies are only going to get more powerful with each passing sunrise.

Along with this, COD Mobile players can also expect around 25 exclusive rewards to release along with the Undead Siege game mode, ranging from weapon to character cosmetics.

As for the official release date, there is no official confirmation at the moment so far. But with the Season 5 winding up, it seems that this zombies game mode would be coming to COD Mobile along with Season 6, which is expected to release on 31st July.

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