AI Analyzes IEM Cologne 2021 to Assemble CS:GO Dream Team of the Tournament


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AI Analyzes IEM Cologne 2021 To Assemble CS:GO Dream Team Of The Tournament

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An AI has assembled the CS:GO dream team of IEM Cologne 2021.

GGPredict’s AI analyzed all the matches of IEM Cologne 2021 to select the CS:GO dream team of the tournament.

The selection was made based on which single player would be best suited for each of the five roles – Sniper, Rifler, Entry Fragger, Lurker, Support.

The IEM Cologne 2021 CS:GO dream team selected by the AI consisted of s1mple (sniper), broky (entry fragger), blameF (rifler), NiKo (support), and nafany (lurker).

IEM Cologne 2021 was the return of competitive CS:GO back to LAN as some of the best teams from across the world competed in this tournament. Following the culmination of this grand event which witnessed Na’Vi lifting the trophy, esports statistics and analytics website ‘GGPredict’ presented the tournament’s CS:GO dream team as selected by its AI (Artificial Intelligence). According to GGPredict, all the matches of the tournament were analyzed by the AI to find out which players were best suited for these five roles – Sniper, Rifler, Entry Fragger, Lurker, and Support, picking the single best player for each role.

AI Selects The CS:GO Dream Team of IEM Cologne 2021

The CS:GO dream team of IEM Cologne 2021 as selected by GGPredict’s AI after having analyzed all the matches of the tournament for five different roles is as follows,

  1. Oleksandr “s1mple” Kostyliev – Sniper

  2. Helvijs “broky” Saukants – Entry Fragger

  3. Benjamin “blameF” Bremer – Rifler

  4. Nikola “NiKo” Kovač – Support

  5. Vladislav “nafany” Gorshkov – Lurker

GGPredict’s IEM Cologne 2021 – CS:GO Dream Team

According to GGPredict, the IEM Cologne 2021 dream team selected by the AI was based on the following statistics and reasonings,

  • It was difficult to assign s1mple a single role as he was the best sniper while also being one of the best entry fraggers and supports at Cologne.

    However, they classified s1mple as a sniper on the basis of him winning the most sniper duels in the entirety of the tournament, registering at least one elimination with a sniper rifle in 58% of the rounds that he had won.

  • Broky was selected as the entry fragger as he won the most number of opening duels in the tournament.

  • BlameF who is the in-game leader (IGL) of Complexity, had failed to qualify for the Playoffs of IEM Cologne 2021, but GGPredict still went ahead with what the AI had to suggest based on the fact that “Benjamin was the best player in his team”.

  • NiKo was picked as a support for his solid support to G2 Esports during the tournament. He threw the most number of smokes per round amongst all other players and also had a high damage output per throw with the HE grenade at 12.97.

  • Nafany had an insane statistic of eliminating one player who did not see him every 10 rounds, and on top of that, he had the most number of kills from the back.

The CS:GO community had a bit of a tough time accepting this as the dream team for the tournament. The general consensus or feedback was that the AI selected this lineup based on just hard statistics alone, without actually taking into consideration the roles that these players actually play for their respective teams.

General Community Response

NiKo being a support player on this lineup and BlameF being the primary rifler were the two most highly contested points of discussion. The majority of the community was confused as to how this would actually work out in reality.

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