EternaLEnVy Announces His New Dota 2 Team


EternaLEnVy will once again be seen playing in a new Dota 2 team as he has announced his latest lineup on his personal Twitch stream. Team members include former 4 Zoomers players as well as some members of the bumble bEE’s team. Jacky “EternaLEnVy” Mao played for the bumble bEE’s (Sadboys) team in the North America (NA) qualifier for The International 10 (TI10). The North American carry player also claimed that a Beyond the Summit (BTS) tournament will take place in the coming weeks. EternaLEnVy did not provide a name for this new team but said that they plan to try this squad at this upcoming BTS event.

EternaLEnVy reveals a new Dota 2 team featuring Gunnar, Moo, ZFreek, and Husky.

Initially, EternaLEnVy didn’t know if he was allowed to reveal the team on stream or leak details about it, but he did so anyway. According to him, they will play together unless someone on the team gets an offer from some other Dota 2 squad.

I don’t know if I can announce it (new team) or say anything about it. I don’t know if my team cares… If they get offers from some other teams, obviously it will change but I don’t see that happening. For BTS, we are gonna try this team – Gunnar, me, Moo, ZFreek, and Husky,” said the NA carry.

EternaLEnVy new team is as follows: (likely roles from position 1 to 5)

  1. Jacky “EternaLEnVy” Mao

  2. Nico “Gunnar” Lopez

  3. David “Moo” Hull

  4. Zakari William Lee “Zfreek” Freedman

  5. Jacob “Husky” Fifik

Gunnar and Husky currently play for 4 Zoomers, and if this aforementioned roster gets together eventually, it will mean the two players will split up with their teammates at 4 Zoomers. According to Valve’s Majors Registration Page, 4 Zoomers’ carry, Samuel “Sammyboy” Anderson, and position four, Jacob “ocean” Gosen, have already left the team.

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4 Zoomers’ roster on Valve’s Majors page

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4 Zoomers’ roster on Valve’s Majors page

On the other hand, EternaLEnVy, Zfreek, and Moo played together under the bumble bEE’s tag during TI10’s NA qualifier.

The BTS tournament that EternaLEnVy talked about is likely to begin in three weeks.

“I think there is a BTS tournament soon in like three weeks, I’ll probably play that with my new team,” said the North American carry. At the time of writing this article, BTS has not announced any upcoming Dota 2 tournaments.

EternaLEnVy and Gunnar have played together in the past, but their teams have been the subject of controversies. An example of this was the 2019 roster of Team Team, where many allege that EternaLEnVy was the one who kicked Gunnar after the team had a disastrous showing at ESL One Mumbai 2019. EternaLEnVy had himself been a new member of the team, so the community believed that this kick was unreasonable.

It will be interesting to see how this new squad of EternaLEnVy and Gunnar turns out in the future, assuming it actually comes together.