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S1mple Gives His Views on the New Competitive CS:GO Map Ancient


Despite Na’Vi being one of the better teams on Ancient, s1mple had some strong opinions to share.

S1mple in a recent press conference held before the playoffs stage of IEM Cologne 2021 gave his opinion on the new competitive CS:GO map Ancient.

He mostly had good things to say about Ancient but did point out a few tweaks that would help in making the map competitively sound.

Na’Vi defeating Astralis ’16-7′ on Ancient was largely discussed within the community, with many calling it their best performance in the tournament so far.

Na’Vi has been having a great time at the currently ongoing IEM Cologne 2021, with their star player Oleksandr “s1mple” Kostyliev leading the team from the front. One of the most exciting performances delivered by the team so far was their ’16-7′ domination on the newest CS:GO competitive map Ancient, where they handed Astralis a fitting defeat. There was a lot of chatter following this game within the community about how well Na’Vi had played on the map, despite not being the most tactically sound team. So at a recent press conference held before the playoffs stage of IEM Cologne 2021, s1mple presented his views on Ancient, pointing out a few tweaks that can help improve the map even further.

S1mple Talks About The New CS:GO Map Ancient

S1mple who was not the best player for Na’Vi during their recent performance on Ancient against Astralis, still had a lot to say about the map in a recent press conference. Overall, he had good things to say about the map but he still feels that a few tweaks are required to make the map competitively sound.

Not a bad map (Ancient), but Valve still needs to fix some details, such as changing point A (A-Site), since it is difficult to plant the C4 on it. However, in general, (it’s) a good map. It has many new positions, points where you can take advantage of a boost, and shooting surfaces. Some of them are rather strange though, as you can only be shot from one side, but not from the other side. I think there will be some more changes being made to the map after the players go on vacation (summer player break). So yes, it is an interesting map that offers something new for all teams.

Oleksandr “s1mple” Kostyliev – Press Conference before IEM Cologne 2021 – Playoffs

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IEM Cologne 2021 – Na’Vi Directly Qualified for Semi Finals

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IEM Cologne 2021 – Na’Vi Directly Qualified for Semi Finals

Na’Vi has been performing really well in Cologne, feeling themselves as competitive CS:GO returned to LAN after more than a year. The s1mple led squad had won the last CS:GO tournament that took place in a LAN setup – IEM Katowice 2020, and now they are en route becoming the team that wins the first LAN event in more than 16 months, going a full circle.

However, it is not going to be an easy task as they still have to fight through the semifinals and the finals. The whole team would have to put their best foot forward as a unit to make this happen, as the playoffs kick-start later today.

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