Why Former Execration ML Players Decided to Join Omega Esports


The former Execration squad revealed why they decided to join Omega Esports after they got released from their previous organization in Omega Esports’ announcement video. During Omega Esports’ roster reveal livestream, Billy “Z4pnu” Alfonso, explained that there were a lot of organizations who were looking to take some of its members but only SMART Omega was the one willing to welcome all of them. Team captain, Patrick “E2MAX” Caidic, also added that most of the decision was made by Execration’s team manager, Arvin Risos, who made sure the squad would be able to transfer as a whole and will not be separated. More details regarding the reason as to why the former Execration’s Mobile Legends roster decided to join Omega Esports can be found below.

Why Former Execration Squad Decided to Join Omega Esports

After grabbing their championship title in the MSC 2021, Execration was not able to secure a franchise slot for the upcoming MPL PH Season 8, according to a vlog posted by veteran Mobile Legends esports pro, Z4pnu. This resulted in the organization releasing its Mobile Legends roster to allow its former squad to find a new organization to participate in the upcoming league.

It was later revealed through a livestream that Smart Omega Esports has acquired the former Execration squad along with four new players to complete their ten-man roster. During the livestream, the MSC 2021 champions revealed why they decided to join Omega Esports.

Z4pnu believes that building the perfect team chemistry is very hard to accomplish. This is the main reason why he was thankful to their new organization, Omega Esports for acquiring the former Execration roster as a whole squad.

“For me, it is very important that we are still under the same squad for the upcoming season. It is very hard to form chemistry. Last MPL season we frequently lose due to miscommunications. This is why I’m thankful to Omega Esports for taking all of us,” stated Z4pnu.

He also mentioned that a lot of teams are actually looking to acquire some of its members but only Omega Esports was the only organization that is willing to take all of them at once.

“A lot of teams approached us, asking to acquire some of our members separately. Smart was the only one who offered to acquire all of us,” stated Z4pnu.

He also added that their team manager, Arvin Risos, believed that the team will be taken care of nicely due to the benefits that Omega Esports offered.

The former Execration squad will now continue their journey in grabbing the MPL PH Season 8 championship title under the banner of Omega Esports. It will be interesting to see if they will be able to grab the title this time around.