CS:GO Player Explains Why Fall Damage Is More on 128 Tick Servers vs 64 Tick


Read on to find out why you might be taking a slight fall damage on ESEA and FACEIT servers.

There are a lot of spots across all CS:GO maps where players take more fall damage when playing on 128 tick servers vs 64 tick.

The two main reasons behind this is the tick rate of the server and the vertical velocity of the character in-game.

If both 128 and 64 tick servers are slightly out of sync then the damage output is similar, but if there is a significant difference then 128 tick server results in more damage.

A CS:GO player has come forward to explain why users receive a slight fall damage when playing on 128 tick servers when compared to the regular 64 tick. This is a problem that has puzzled quite a lot of players, especially those that have a tendency to play across both official Valve servers and ESEA/FACEIT. The reason behind taking fall damage is the tick rate of the server itself, along with how CS:GO as a game perceives the action of jumping in-game. These two factors combined are responsible for determining if a player is liable to take fall damage or not, and if yes, then by how much.

CS:GO Fall Damage Explained: 128 Tick vs 64 Tick Servers

The tick rate of a CS:GO server is basically the amount of information it processes within one second. So basically a 128 tick server processes twice as much information as a 64 tick server, which is one of the main reasons why players are dealt a small amount of fall damage when playing on it.

Another main factor discussed is the players ‘z-axis velocity’ or simply their vertical velocity, which is nothing but the speed at which they are jumping to a certain location. This can be explained properly by using the following example,

  • On Vertigo, jump on the ‘Sandbags’ from ‘Generator’ and you will notice that no damage is applied on the 64 tick server whereas 2 points of damage is dealt on the 128 tick server.

  • Now, jump besides the ‘Sandbags’ and you will be receiving 21 points of damage across both the 64 and 128 tick server.

The reason is the vertical velocity of the character in-game and the distance from ground at that point in time when the damage is applied. When jumping besides ‘Sandbags’, this distance is almost similar across both 64 and 128 tick server, hence an equal damage is applied.

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Height Before Fall Damage is Applied

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Height Before Fall Damage is Applied

On the other hand, difference in distance from ground between 64 and 128 tick servers when jumping on ‘Sandbags’ is quite significant. This results in no damage on official Valve servers which use 64 ticks servers, where as 2 points of damage is dealt on ESEA/FACEIT that make use of the 128 tick servers.

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Tick Rate Out of Sync When Jumping on Sandbags

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Tick Rate Out of Sync When Jumping on Sandbags

CS:GO players can experience varying fall damage on different spots across all the maps. In some places, the tick rate is not out of sync by a lot so the outcome is similar, but then there are spots where the difference is significant leading to the fall damage disrepancy across 128 and 64 tick servers.

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