BIX Invitationals Summer: Teams, Format, Schedule, and Other Details


Even though The International 10 (TI10) qualifiers are over and the main event is three months off, Southeast Asia (SEA) and China (CN) still have a lot of Dota 2 action happening. BIX Invitationals Summer, an invitation-only tournament featuring some of the up-and-coming teams in SEA and China, will kick off on 14th July, 2021, and last for 11 days, concluding on 25th July, 2021. There are several prominent names on this team list, including Team SMG and OB.Neon. A total prize pool of $10,000 USD will be on offer at the BIX Invitationals Summer, and the teams will initially play in a single round robin group stage, followed by a double elimination playoff.

BIX Invitationals Summer: All that you need to know

Team List

The eight teams that have been directly invited to the BIX Invitationals Summer are:

  1. Team SMG (SEA)

  2. Execration (SEA)

  3. OB.Neon (SEA)

  4. Army Geniuses (SEA)

  5. Team D (SEA)

  6. The Prime (SEA)

  7. Team Mystery (SEA)

  8. Moon Chasers (CN)

Format and Schedule

Group Stage (14th-20th July)

  • BO2 single round robin.

  • Top four teams will advance to the upper bracket of the playoffs.

  • 5th and 6th place teams will advance to the lower bracket of the playoffs.

  • The bottom two teams will be eliminated from the event.

  • The first series starts at 2:00 PM SGT each day. Four series will be played each day.

Playoffs (22nd-25th July)

  • Double-elimination bracket.

  • All series except for the Grand Finals are BO3s.

  • BO5 Grand Finals.

Prize Pool

The $10,000 prize pool will be split among the top four teams only. The remaining four will have to return empty-handed.

1st – $5,000 USD

2nd – $2,500 USD

3rd – $1,500 USD

4th – $1,000 USD

Oceanic Esports, in collaboration with BiXinApp, is holding this event. All series will be broadcasted live on Oceanic Esports’s Twitch channel. Darcy “Godot” Jose, an Australian player and commentator, is expected to cast this event.