Top 20 Countries With Maximum Global Elite CS:GO Players Based on Their Total User Base


CS:GO despite being almost a decade old competitive shooter is still enjoyed by many across the world. We already have a detailed insight about the top 53 countries which have the highest CS:GO player density per million citizens, with Russia and the USA leading this statistic. But despite having a healthy casual player base both these countries were absent from the list of top 20 countries with the maximum percentage of Global Elite players based on their total user base, according to Leetify. Detailed information based on more than 7 million unique matchmaking players has only European teams in its top ten list, indicating why Europe has traditionally held an edge in competitive Counter-Strike.

The complete data table with the top 20 countries with maximum Global Elite CS:GO players from around the world is listed below.

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Countries with maximum Global Elite CS:GO players based on their total user base

From the infographics shared below, one can observe how the total CS:GO player base is distributed across the world. There are some countries that have not been included as no specific data is available on them. While all the countries in the top ten lie above the 2% mark including Belgium which is right on the boundary, there is only one country that breaks away with a huge lead and that is Finland with a massive 4.32% of its total CS:GO player base having attained the Global Elite status.