Red Bull Announces Mobile Esports Open (M.E.O.) Season 4


Red Bull has come forward to announce the return of Mobile Esports Open (M.E.O.) Season 4 which is all set to take place from July to December. The fully open and free to enter competition will be taking place globally, with PUBG Mobile and League of Legends: Wild Rift set to feature as the main titles of the tournament. Apart from this, other additional titles will also be included on a regional basis; this includes World Cricket Championship for countries like India and Sri Lanka. Red Bull’s objective with M.E.O. is to give mobile players across the world a competitive platform “to compete, win, and build their reputation as the best mobile gamer in their country”.

Red Bull Mobile Esports Open Season 4: Complete Details

After the success of M.E.O. Season 3 which witnessed participation from more than 60,000 players from across 28 countries, Red Bull has returned with another season of the event with a total of 30 countries participating in it this time around.

The main esports titles for the tournament this time around are PUBG Mobile and Wild Rift. Apart from this, other mobile titles will also be included as part of M.E.O., but on a more regional basis as not all the countries might have a playerbase for these games.


While Season 3 kicked off in May 2020, Season 4 is starting off a bit late in July. It will continue to take place over the course of the next five months, concluding in December.

Similar to last season which had the Finals taking place across a span of 12 days in a virtual setup of Istanbul, Season 4 might also come across such a Finals being conducted somewhere across the world.


National Level Tournaments

  • The dedicated PUBG Mobile tournament will be conducted for each of the 30 countries participating in M.E.O. Season 4. For each country, the National level competition will be split between Qualifiers and Finals, scheduled to take place from July to December.

  • On the other hand, the Wild Rift tournament will be taking place for only some European and Asian countries as the game is still not released globally. However, the national level competition for even this title will be split between Qualifiers and Finals, from July to December.

International Tournaments

  • Alongside national events, M.E.O. Season 4 will also host international tournaments for both PUBG Mobile and Wild Rift. Here, the European countries will be participating in the international Wild Rift event, while the SEA and the Middle East region will take part in the global PUBG Mobile tournament.

  • These international tournaments will be divided between Online Qualifiers and Regional Finals scheduled to take place between October and December.

Apart from these two feature titles, some regional mobile games will also be included in M.E.O. Season 4 like World Cricket Championship for countries like India and Sri Lanka. Information about more such titles specific to a few countries might be revealed by Red Bull as Season 4 advances.

How To Register

Players interested in participating in M.E.O. Season 4 can register themselves for the international PUBG Mobile and Wild Rift online qualifiers by ‘Clicking Here’. Depending on their region and eligibility they can select which qualifier to participate in and proceed accordingly.

Information about national level tournaments for all eligible mobile titles for that country or region will be announced as Season 4 moves forward.

This is all the information about Red Bull Mobile Esports Open Season 4 that is available at that moment. The specific dates and schedule of the tournament will be announced as the tournament proceeds. Stay tuned for more information about your region.

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