Did SirActionSlacks Tease Midas Mode 3.0?


SirActionSlacks had recently hinted of a possible Midas Mode 3.0 to fill in for TI10’s August spot.

Earlier this week, Valve announced the delay of TI10, which might lead to an absence of professional Dota for three months.

Midas Mode is a game concept in Dota 2 which was brought to the community by Moonduck and SirActionSlacks.

Did SirActionSlacks Just Tease Midas Mode 3.0?

Is Midas Mode 3.0 really in the works? Following the postponement of TI10, Jake ”SirActionSlacks” Kanner, a widely popular Dota 2 personality, posted on his social media, asking who’s making tournaments to fill up the void left by the postponement of TI10. However, he also stated, “please god dont make me do it,” following which fans have started speculating that Mr. Midas will likely return.

Earlier this week, Valve announced an update regarding The International 10 (TI10)’s new location and dates. TI10 was originally scheduled to run from 5th-15th August 2021 but has now been rescheduled to 7th-17th October 2021. With the qualifiers coming to an end soon and no new tournaments on the radar, we may not be seeing any action in the pro scene until October 2021.

Perhaps, SirActionSlacks may be deviously planning to host Midas Mode 3.0 in the meantime.

In 2017, Mr. Midas (a fictional character), hosted a glorious tournament known as Midas Mode. After the success of the first edition of Midas Mode, Sir Sadim, Mr. Midas’ long-lost brother, appeared and made hostile attempts to take over the second edition to this tournament: Midas Mode 2.0. It has been quite some time since we saw these two brothers in the scene. Will they make their grand return and save the Dota 2 community from ultimate boredom?

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Sir Sadim Dota 2

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Sir Sadim Dota 2


SirActionSlacks Teases Midas Mode 3.0

SirActionSlacks had recently posted via Twitter, questioning who will be making tournaments to fill in “TI’s August spot”. He also stated, “please god don’t make me do it”, which perhaps could be a hint at him running his own tournament if no one else is to take the initiative.

As the community buzzed in excitement, discussions opened up regarding a possible Midas Mode 3.0 coming in the future. Although, later on, SirActionSlacks replied to a Reddit thread and denied (or possibly hiding?) the fact.

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SirActionSlacks replied to a Reddit thread regarding Midas Mode 3.0.

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SirActionSlacks replied to a Reddit thread regarding Midas Mode 3.0.

However, we still cannot rule out Sir Sadim crafting a vicious plan to take control of the Dota 2 esports scene in the background. Mr. Midas, with a passionate heart for Dota 2, might also plan to make a comeback with Midas Mode 3.0.

What caused the gap in the Dota 2 schedule to appear

Earlier this year, Valve announced The International 10’s location and its schedule through its official blog. Fans were excited to see the grand event take place in Stockholm, Sweden in August 2021. However, unfortunate news took the community by storm when Valve revealed a conflict with Sweden’s government, leaving the company to decide on a new location and even new dates. On 8th July, Valve posted on its official blog, announcing the updated details of The International 10. The event has been relocated to Bucharest, Romania, and the dates have been pushed back significantly. Instead of being held in August 2021, the event will take place between 7th and 17th October 2021.

With the regional qualifiers coming to an end, this massive delay leaves a three-month gap of no professional Dota 2 events. While we can expect patch updates and in-game changes to be delivered, the community is asking if we’ll be starved of entertainment and if there will be no high-level tournaments to watch.

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Mr. Midas from Midas Mode

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Mr. Midas from Midas Mode


Midas Mode is a game mode that was developed by Moonduck and widely known as SirActionSlacks’ project. The game is based on Dota 2, but it has its own game rules and even in-game currency called Moonbucks. The concept was announced in February 2017 and the first tournament occurred in November 2017, followed by Midas Mode 2.0, two years later in September 2019. Both of these tournaments were held online, and big names such as BurNing, Dendi, the whole of The International 3 (TI3) Alliance squad, and many more across North America and Europe were invited to join.

The game mode included a bunch of interesting ruleset surrounding the Moonbuck currency. Teams start the game with 7,500 Moonbucks, and doing certain things such as picking a hero, banning a hero, and even pausing will cost them some Moonbucks. On the other hand, randoming a hero, passing up bans, and winning matches will earn them more Moonbucks.

Midas Mode delivered a different type of entertainment to the Dota community as we could see a lot of amusing plays. With the community involved in setting up missions, causing professional players and streamers to get a non-comfort hero, or even playing outside their typical role, the interactive event was definitely enjoyable.

While SirActionSlacks has successfully held Midas Mode events before, he has not confirmed the speculations from the community. We can only hope to see the return of Mr. Midas or Sir Sadim anytime soon.

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