TI10 WEU Qualifiers: Pos 5 iNSaNiA Carries Team Liquid to Game 1 Victory With 2 Rapiers


Team Liquid’s captain, iNSaNiA has secured an insane 100 minute victory in Game 1 of the Team Liquid vs Chicken Fighters series in the lower bracket of TI10’s WEU qualifier. There were buybacks and diebacks from both sides, innumerable Divine Rapiers, close to a dozen Roshan kills but the game also was deadlocked as both sides were reluctant to push the enemy high ground. In the end, Aydin “iNSaNiA” Sarkohi was seemingly done with the game on his position five Ancient Apparition, dropping his support items to pick up three Divine Rapiers left over on the ground. Having done unbelievable damage to his enemies with these three Rapiers, he went on to wipe them out without buybacks to secure the first game win in 103 minutes.

iNSaNiA helps Team Liquid close out a 103 minute nerve wracking game against Chicken Fighters

Even though Team Liquid had secured two lanes of Barracks early on, the game remained close for most of the 103 minutes. Each team farmed the map, very rarely engaging in teamfights. Supream^ and Charlie had 1.5k last hits while miCKe had around 1.3k.

Rapiers were purchased in abundance, and some were dropped to the ground by the players during teamfights without recalling to pick them up. Around the 100-minute mark, iNSaNiA was strolling when he saw three of these Rapiers. Then he sold his Glimmer Cape and Force Staff and purchased an Aghanim’s Scepter in addition to equipping these three Rapiers.

During the next teamfight, he dealt tons of damage before getting killed by the enemies. As he bought back, he realized it was an unfavorable 2v3 affair with no buybacks on either side. Through spell and damage coordination with qojqva’s Lina, they first brought down Supream^;s Templar Assassin to make it a 2v2 fight. Then he picked up the dropped Rapiers and Chicken Fighter’s heroes attempted to fight him, but iNSaNiA simply destroyed them both with his Aghanim’s Scepter and Rapier hits.

Here is a clip of iNSaNiA’s heroics in this amazing last fight.

At the time of writing, Team Liquid’s series against Chicken Fighters is still ongoing. The winner of this match up will move on to the next round of TI10 WEU qualifier’s lower bracket where they will face the winner of the Team Nigma vs Spider Pigzs series.

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