Venom Debuts in MARVEL Super War Season 7


To welcome the arrival of the seventh season of MARVEL Super War, the symbiote anti-hero, Venom, will deliver carnage on the Wakanda Arena along with new cosmetics such as the Opposite Realm series skin for Doctor Strange. To celebrate the highly anticipated movie release of MARVEL Studios’ Black Widow, the skins inspired by the film will also have their own rerun in the game for a limited time for players to collect. This is the perfect opportunity to acquire rare limited edition skins that were once unobtainable. More details about the new anti-hero Venom and the additional contents coming in MARVEL Super War Season 7 can be found below.

Venom Arrives in MARVEL Super War Season 7

One of the most-awaited anti-heroes Venom has finally arrived for the seventh season of MARVEL Super War. Venom is an extraterrestrial symbiotic creature that evolves by attaching itself to various biological beings and bond with their hosts, through which a single entity is created. With its current host Eddie Brock, Venom holds frightening abilities that far surpass a normal human.

Here is a quick look at Venom’s abilities in the game;

Passive: Symbiote Rebirth

When Venom gets knocked out, he splits into 6 symbiotic masses. After three seconds, Venom reassembles himself and restores his HP during which, opponents can kill all 6 symbiotic masses to prevent him from resurrecting.

1st Skill: Brutal Polymorph

Venom can choose two types of attack;

Slasher Form – He turns his arms into blades and slashes forward, dealing physical damage. Deals even more damage if Terror Tentacle is active.

Impaler Form – Turns his arms into spikes and stabs a specified location to stun enemies and deal physical damage. The stun duration is extended if Terror Tentacle is active.

2nd Skill: Terror Tentacle

Venom strikes a tentacle that links itself to the first enemy hero hit, dealing physical damage. The link will restore his HP while dealing passive damage to the linked target and slowing them by 40%.

If the link lasts for 2 seconds, he gains enhanced Brutal Polymorph and the cooldown of Fearsome Lounge is reduced by 6 seconds.

3rd Skill: Fearsome Lounge

Leap to a specified location and deal physical damage to enemies in range. If a target moves in the opposite direction, Venom will inflict fear on them.

Ultimate: Lethal Parasite

Venom attacks a specified target, dealing physical damage while infecting the enemy with symbiotic tissue. If the target gets knocked out while infected, Venom permanently gains 20 Attack and the cooldown of Lethal Parasite is reduced by 55 seconds.

MARVEL Super War Season 7: New and Returning Skins

A new addition to the Opposite Ream Series is the Doctor Strange “Infernal Sorcerer” Epic tier skin. Another epic skin has also been released for the hero Falcon “Dragon Rider” which features scaly wings and new silver armor.

The MARVEL Studios’ Black Widow-inspired skins will also make a limited-time rerun to MARVEL Super War Season 7, to welcome the long-awaited theater release.

Players are definitely going to get busy with the amount of new content released in the MARVEL Super War Season 7. With the addition of Venom in the playable character pool, the game just got better and more action-packed than it already is.