User Creates a GTA V Themed CS:GO Loading Screen


The user created GTA V loading screen for CS:GO looks stunning.

A talented CS:GO user recently created a stunning GTA V themed loading screen for Counter-Strike.

The loading screen had a lot of GTA elements like the blurred police sirens, photo slideshow, background music, and more.

This loading screen clip has gone viral within the CS:GO community, receiving a lot of appreciation.

One of the best things about CS:GO is the amount of freedom that creators have when it comes to making stuff related to the game. This allows for the community to flourish with many seriously talented artists coming forward to share their creations. Similarly, a user who goes by the name of ‘u/Ael_yt’ shared a fantastic video showcasing a Grand Theft Auto (GTA V) themed loading screen. It drew a lot of inspiration from the game’s actual loading screen including the blurred police sirens, a collection of photos in the form of a slideshow, background music, and even the logo. Let’s take a look at this stunning CS:GO loading screen.

GTA V Themed CS:GO Loading Screen

A GTA V themed loading screen for CS:GO has gone viral within the community, who are in love with how it has been put together. The trailer starts off with the blurred police sirens, similar to how the actual game starts loading.

Though the trailer starts off with the iconic CS:GO tune it quickly fades away, replaced by the sounds of the police car sirens, followed by mixed background music which goes really well with the rest of the trailer.

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Special Agent Ava Featured in the Trailer

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Special Agent Ava Featured in the Trailer

As the blurred police sirens fade away, they are replaced by the iconic GTA photo slideshow, but here the user goes on to add different custom made CS:GO photos. The first couple of pictures show a T-sided model in front of Mirage and Inferno, followed by Special Agent Ava from the FBI in front of Nuke, a few more pictures are shown before the music beats suddenly drop and you get a hawk eyes view of the T-sided spawn on Mirage.

The camera stays there for a while before jumping into the first-person view of one of the T-sided characters, indicating that the game has completed loading and the match is now ready to begin.

The trailer is actually really well made and the reception it received from the entire CS:GO community was just too good. But the community being on their usual best behaviour along with appreciating the trailer, went on to joke about how long would CS:GO actually take to load if a GTA V trailer was introduced to the game.

Highlighting one of the worst features of the game, which was exceptionally long loading times. A problem that was later patched by a random user.

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