Soccer Royale Free Fire Event: How to Get Your Favorite Football Jersey


The football season is here with the UEFA EURO 2020 currently taking place across Europe. In celebration of this football fever, Free Fire has relaunched one of its most celebrated sets ‘The Football Jerseys’. Players can get their hands on the jersey that they desire the most by taking part in the ‘Soccer Royale’ event. This event will be available from 6th to 12th July 2021, giving all Free Fire players a chance to win an exclusive set and show support for their favorite football teams by wearing the jersey in-game. Garena reintroduced this set to Free Fire because earlier they were a part of a limited-time event and many players could not get their hands on the cosmetic item.

Here is how you can claim your favourite jersey by simply spinning the wheel. If you’re lucky, you could win your jersey of choice for less than 100 Diamonds or four spins.

Soccer Royale Free Fire Event: Complete Details

Just a few days after Free Fire went live with its collaboration with Street Fighter, Garena has come forward to give players a bit more by reintroducing ‘The Football Jerseys’ as part of the ‘Soccer Royale’ event. This event will help players secure a permanent cosmetic item which will be a football jersey of their choice which they can wear in-game.

Here is how you can receive your favorite football jersey in Free Fire via the Soccer Royale event,

  1. Update Free Fire and then launch the game.

  2. Visit the event section directly from the main menu.

  3. Search for the Soccer Royale event and select it by tapping on it.

  4. Once the event page opens up simply spin the wheel, but it will require Diamonds (Free Fire Currency).

    Players can either purchase one spin at a time for 25 Diamonds or a pack of 11 spins for 250 Diamonds, which grants them an extra spin for free.

This is only a limited time event which is available from 6th to 12th July so interested players better get started by spinning the wheel. If you are lucky, you will receive your favourite jersey within the first few spins, otherwise it may cost you some extra Diamonds.

Apart from this, there are other Free Fire events which are also currently taking place for limited-time like Free Fighter, Free Fighter’s Wish, Faded Wheel, and more, which are a part of the Free Fire x Street Fighter V Collaboration.

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