MLBB x Star Wars Collaboration Event Release Date Confirmed


After months of waiting, Moonton has finally announced the release date of the highly anticipated Mobile Legends: Bang Bang x Star Wars collaboration event. The collaboration event will officially start on 10th July 2021 and will feature two of the most iconic characters in the Star Wars franchise, the Sith Lord Darth Vader and the Jedi Master Yoda as unlockable skins. A few pieces of content related to the MLBB x Star Wars collaboration event have been revealed by data miners to give players a glimpse of what players can expect in the upcoming event. Here is a quick look at the upcoming MLBB x Star Wars collaboration event and its two exclusive skins.

MLBB x Star Wars Collaboration Event Details

The event will kick off on 10th July 2021 as announced by Moonton through their social media handles. The collaboration event will feature two popular characters of the Star Wars franchise as playable skins; Argus “Darth Vader” and Cyclops “Master Yoda.”

Moonton has also released a teaser video that showcased the two collaboration skins along with their special effects and unique voice lines. The two skins will be region exclusive and will only be made available for the regions Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, Philippines, Singapore, Vietnam, Myanmar, Cambodia, Brunei, Laos, East Timor, and Japan.

Cyclops “Master Yoda” Skin

The collaboration skin for Cyclops features one of the most popular Jedi Masters in the Star Wars franchise, Master Yoda wielding a green lightsaber. The skin is complete with iconic dialogues from the movie franchise, including the widely known phrase “May the force be with you.”

The skill effects definitely speak quality as Master Yoda uses the force as a basic attack while throwing boulders or his lightsaber when casting his abilities.

Argus “Darth Vader” Skin

The second exclusive skin is Argus “Darth Vader.” This skin features one of the prominent villains in the Star Wars universe, Darth Vader wielding a red glowing lightsaber. The skin also comes fully voiced with a ton of iconic dialogues like “The force is strong on this one.”

Darth Vader will use his lightsaber as a basic attack, unlike Master Yoda who uses the force. Argus’s dash skill is now changed to Darth Vader using the force to fly towards the location.

The upcoming MLBB x Star Wars collaboration event is definitely something to look forward to. Even if you don’t have any diamonds to spare, the event will offer side events where players can acquire free tickets to draw for free skins from the event. Players can expect more surprises from Moonton soon enough.