Malaysia Esports League 2021 Announced


Malaysian esports initiative, Esports Integrated (ESI) has announced the national esports event, Malaysia Esports League 2021 which will feature prominent esports titles such as Mobile Legends: Bang Bang, PUBG Mobile, DOTA 2, and FIFA21. The national league will kick off on the 10th July and will last until 10th Sept 2021, boasting a prize pool of RM 200,000 ($48,000 USD). The Malaysia Esports League 2021 states that it aims to provide a sustainable platform for esports enthusiasts of all levels (amateurs, semi-professionals, and professionals) to compete and showcase their skills through a national esports event.

Malaysia Esports League 2021 Details

MEL21 is organised by ESI, an initiative under the purview of KBS, in collaboration with 16 state esports associations, along with the support of game publishers such as Moonton and Tencent Games. Interested teams and players can register by heading to the official website.

Four popular game titles will be featured in the national league, where participants will take part in their respective categories and earn the title of national champion, earning the lion’s share of the RM 200,000 ($48,000 USD) prize pool.

Many tournaments held in Malaysia are catered towards professional players, whilst amateur and semi-professional players are only able to compete in smaller tournaments – which is the gap that MEL21 aims to fill in. By organizing the first national-level esports league, the development of players can be further expanded and their talents highlighted to the masses.” stated CEO of ESI, Ahmed Faris Amir, according to European Gaming.

The number of participants will vary depending on the title;

  • PUBG Mobile: 256 Teams

  • Mobile Legends: 256 Teams

  • DOTA 2: 32 Teams

  • FIFA 21: 128 Players

Professional players are allowed to participate in the national esports event. However, the tournament imposes a limit of one pro player per team.

The first stage will be held from 10th July and will last until 6th Aug 2021. The event will be run simultaneously across 13 states and three federal territories.

Teams in each state will compete in the qualifiers with a BO3 knockout format. The finalists will then compete in a round-robin format where the winner of each category will receive RM 2,000 ($481 USD) and will represent their state in the second stage, scheduled to run from 14th August to 10th Sept 2021.

The second stage will use a round-robin format, and teams or players with the highest points at the end of the tournament will be crowned as the national champion and take home RM20,000 ($4,815 USD).

Through the Malaysia Esports League 2021, esports enthusiasts of different skill levels will now be able to experience the fun of participating in esports events. It will be interesting if we will be able to see more of these national tournaments being implemented in other regions where esports is yet to blossom in the future.

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