Iconic Video Game From 1985 Recreated for CS:GO in 3D Using Source Engine


Hope your CS:GO utility game is strong before you start playing this game.

The popular video game from the 1990s ‘Bomberman’ has been recreated for CS:GO in 3D using the Source Engine.

The game titled ‘Minigame – Bomberman’ is currently available in the Steam Workshop, made by popular CS:GO content creator ‘ZooL Smith’.

The core gameplay and objective of the casual game remain same as that of the original, but the game is now in 3D with a first-person POV.

Everyone might be familiar with the iconic video game ‘Bomberman’ which released in December 1985. The strategic, tabletop, maze-based, multi-platform game was really popular back then. Well, the game was recently recreated for CS:GO in 3D using the Source Engine by the popular French Counter-Strike content creator ‘ZooL Smith’. The game titled ‘Minigame – Bomberman’ available for free on the Steam Workshop can be enjoyed within CS:GO by anyone. A short gameplay of Bomberman in CS:GO was recently released by a player, showcasing various aspects of the game mode while giving us an idea of how similar and different it is from the original version.

Bomberman Recreated For CS:GO Using Source Engine

‘Minigame – Bomberman’ has been created by CS:GO content creator and animator ‘ZooL’, quite popular within the Counter-Strike community. He has brought Bomberman back to life in 3D, for everyone to enjoy within CS:GO. The objective and gameplay are exactly the same as that of the original title, however, the POV (Point of View) of the player seems to have shifted to a first-person perspective, instead of the classic tabletop view. Though a top down view is available through the minimap available in-game.

The grenades being placed across the map are huge in size, so players cannot walk over them. They have to avoid them by taking cover or stepping out of their blast radius. There are also a lot of different power ups available in the game that grant various special abilities to the player for a short duration.

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Huge Grenades and Top Down Minimap View

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Huge Grenades and Top Down Minimap View

Players start the game by selecting game parameters like different types of arenas and various user configurations. After having made their selections, they walk through a door after which the game automatically stars by spawning them in the middle of a maze.

Even the maps on which the users faceoff against each other are remakes of the classic Bomberman arenas. A maximum of four players can enjoy the game at one time, there is also a new unique game mode for players to enjoy.

The four arenas available at the moment are,

  • Normal

  • Soft blocks

  • Slippery Ice

  • Space throws

The ‘Minigame – Bomberman’ has received a huge positive response from the CS:GO community, who appreciated ZooL’s effort to create such a wonderful remake that is bound to trigger a lot of nostalgia. The hyper casual game mode has already received a lot of awards on the Steam Workshop, with players already having started enjoying exploding the maze.

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