Fnatic Knocks Out TNC Predator to Book a Spot at TI10


Fnatic has succeeded! To earn the region’s only remaining place in The International 10 (TI10), they have defeated TNC Predator 3-2 in the grand final of the TI10 SEA qualifier. With a 2-0 lead, TNC Predator was on the verge of victory, but Fnatic managed to pull off an incredible reverse sweep with some superb drafting, gameplay, and pressure management. Despite looking like he was not in his best shape during the DPC season, Fnatic’s carry, Marc Polo Luis “Raven ” Fausto, played out of his mind in this qualifier and deserves to be the MVP of this tournament. While Raven, Djardel Jicko B. “DJ” Mampusti, and Anucha “Jabz” Jirawong, have already been to TIs before, this will be the first TI appearance for Ng “ChYuan” Kee Chyuan and Yang “Deth” Wu Heng.

TNC Predator vs Fnatic TI10 SEA Qualifier Grand Final: Match Recap and Highlights


Game 1 saw an exemplary Dota 2 performance by TNC as they outplayed Fnatic in the laning stage, took over the important parts of the map, got the first and the second Roshan, and won the game. Gabbi went 17-2-5 on his Ursa, while Armel was 4-0-16 on Templar Assassin, helping the team to victory in 36 minutes.

Game 2 proved to be quite a show as the pendulum kept swinging. When it seemed like TNC would win, Fnatic fought back and when the latter had the lead, they faltered in the high ground pushes. TNC won a crucial teamfight and, with no buybacks on the enemy side, took down the Ancient in 56 minutes. Tims with his Snowball saves and Gabbi on his Phantom Assassin were the stars of the game.

Game 3 began evenly as both teams engaged in small skirmishes before cutting their losses and returning to farm. When teamfights began, Fnatic got the upper hand with better initiation and spellcasting from Jabz and Deth. Additionally, Raven was again spot on with his carry performance, cautiously leading his team to a victory in 43 minutes.

In Game 4, both teams opted to farm on their late game cores and poke at each other randomly. However, this game plan seemed to favor Fnatic as Raven’s Terrorblade became the ultimate raid boss. TNC had a hard time executing teamfights as the opponents were also on top of their game. Another meticulous performance from Fnatic resulted in a victory in 44 minutes.

In Game 5, Fnatic changed strategies and went for an early to mid game focused draft with a carry Axe. They dominated TNC Predator in the laning phase and then made excellent map movements and teamfight initiations to overpower TNC. All of Fnatic’s players contributed to their team’s victory in 34 minutes.


Here are some highlights of the series.

Fnatic had an outstanding start to its DPC 2021 campaign by winning the very first season. From then until now, the team struggled with roster problems and performance issues, but they have managed to finish strong. Players would have hoped to earn a TI spot when they started, and they were able to do just that.

This is a momentous occasion for all Fnatic players, especially ChYuan and Deth, who will be playing on the grandest Dota 2 stage for the first time. After showing his potential with his time filling in for OB.Neon, Deth is now getting his big break in his first tournament with Fnatic.

Despite looking top-notch with their new roster, TNC Predator will be dejected after today’s loss. TNC had a decent showing at the WePlay AniMajor, followed by a solid performance in the TI10 SEA qualifier, but the grueling format only allows one team to advance, and that was Fnatic.

Three TI10 qualifiers have now been completed. Fnatic won from SEA, SG esports from SA, and Team Spirit from CIS. The NA qualifier winner will be determined later today. The qualifiers for EU and China will take place from 7th-10th July, 2021.