Wild Rift Esports Project Manager and Devs Address “WR is Dying” Videos


The Debate on Whether Wild Rift is Dying or Not

The issue started when Assassin Dave posted a video on his YouTube channel titled explaining why he left Wild Rift. In the video, he states the problems that the game is currently facing and what it is lacking. He also added that he made a report detailing what the game lacks and needs improvement. However, Riot Games never responded to his report or at least acknowledged him. This led to videos getting posted by other content creators on YouTube and discussions on the community, asking the question of “is WR is Dying?”

Following Assassin Dave’s video, Ceirnan “Excoundrel” Lowe posted a follow-up video explaining that people are asking the wrong questions. In his video, he explains that Wild Rift is growing but not as fast as people expected it to be. He also added that we should be optimistic when discussing whether Wild Rift is growing or not.