Apex Legends Season 10 Might Introduce the Game’s Third Black Legend


The upcoming legend is expected to be capable of passively seeing enemy health bars which would make them a great legend for chasing down low-health targets. The legend is also immune to stun effects which should mean that players will not be stunned by arc stars, EMP and Seer’s own ult. The upcoming legend’s ultimate causes burn damage that bypasses shields according to leaks.

Passive: Aplomb Training: Seer can see enemy health bars. Seer is also immune to stunning effects and SDM steam.

Tactical: Sonar Grenade: Throw a sonar grenade revealing enemies in its area of effect. Grenade lasts for 15 seconds.

Ultimate: Sacrificial Romantic: Seer activates a SDM device releasing a flurry of steam in all directions but becomes unable to move. Steam causes burn damage directly to health.

In addition to the leaked abilities, Seer should be able to scan beacons. The scan ability was previously limited to Pathfinder alone but Respawn Entertainment eventually allowed all recon legends to scan beacons and find the next zone once per round. Seer’s kit looks promising and they might be a great legend to unlock for new players.

Some fans are speculating that Kuben Blisk might be the voice for ‘Seer’ as the iconic Titanfall 2 and Apex Legends character is South African, but Respawn Entertainment has not dropped any hints just yet. We can expect teasers to drop along with a cinematic reveal in the coming weeks as Season 9 comes to a close.