SMP In Minecraft: What Is It And How To Join An SMP Server?



Semi-Vanilla SMP servers have some quality of life changes to stop Minecraft from feeling like too much of a grind. These servers include plugins that add to the base gameplay without adding too many changes. They may include voting, anti-grief, chat and command plugins. However, generally Semi-Vanilla servers do not have economy, multi-world, or minigame plugins.


There are several kinds of modded servers to choose from, these include various plugins, additional functions, items, and a variety of custom content and game dynamics. Modded servers are where the imagination goes wild as players can do everything from reenact the hunger games to participating in an in-game economy. Another type of popular modded server type is Skyblock, which challenges players to live on floating islands, survive with fewer resources and reach the end dimension. Modded server types may require the player to install specific mods or mod packs onto your computer.