Venom Debuts in MARVEL Super War Season 7


Here is a quick look at Venom’s abilities in the game;

Passive: Symbiote Rebirth

When Venom gets knocked out, he splits into 6 symbiotic masses. After three seconds, Venom reassembles himself and restores his HP during which, opponents can kill all 6 symbiotic masses to prevent him from resurrecting.

1st Skill: Brutal Polymorph

Venom can choose two types of attack;

Slasher Form – He turns his arms into blades and slashes forward, dealing physical damage. Deals even more damage if Terror Tentacle is active.

Impaler Form – Turns his arms into spikes and stabs a specified location to stun enemies and deal physical damage. The stun duration is extended if Terror Tentacle is active.

2nd Skill: Terror Tentacle

Venom strikes a tentacle that links itself to the first enemy hero hit, dealing physical damage. The link will restore his HP while dealing passive damage to the linked target and slowing them by 40%.

If the link lasts for 2 seconds, he gains enhanced Brutal Polymorph and the cooldown of Fearsome Lounge is reduced by 6 seconds.

3rd Skill: Fearsome Lounge

Leap to a specified location and deal physical damage to enemies in range. If a target moves in the opposite direction, Venom will inflict fear on them.

Ultimate: Lethal Parasite

Venom attacks a specified target, dealing physical damage while infecting the enemy with symbiotic tissue. If the target gets knocked out while infected, Venom permanently gains 20 Attack and the cooldown of Lethal Parasite is reduced by 55 seconds.

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