This Long Ignored CS:GO Bug Has Spoiled Maps Like Inferno, Ancient, Overpass


The Critical CS:GO Audio Bug

This bizarre audio bug in CS:GO is simply insane and seems to trigger only around areas where water is present. The worst part is that any audio cue made while above these spots can automatically be heard all across the map, leading to an accidental slip of information.

The problem exponentially increases into something game changing when it is triggered during a clutch round in a professional setup, leading to a game, match, or even a series altering problem. Any such bug or issue which compromises the competitive integrity of the game, irrespective of it being intentional or accidental should definitely be acted upon by Valve.

Professional CS:GO player Martin “STYKO” Styk was the first player to highlight this issue once again in late May, from the perspective of the new competitive map Ancient. He had suggested that Valve “either remove(s) water in whole (of) T-Spawn area or fix the bug where you hear water steps across he map”.