Omega Esports Parts Ways With its Mobile Legends Roster


Omega Esports is one of the popular teams in the MPL PH scene with a mix of veteran members and a reliable coach. The team almost bagged the championship title during MPL PH Season 6 but was defeated by Bren Esports in the grand finals, giving them the second place title instead. They also showed their relentless playstyle during the M2 World Championships which earned them 5th-6th place in the overall rankings.

The teams are comprised of the following members;

  • Kenneth “Kenji” Jiane S. Villa,

  • Salic “Hadjizy” A. Imam,

  • Earvin “Heath” John E. Esperanza,

  • Jankurt “Kurttzy” Russel S. Matira,

  • Jeniel “yellyHaze” Bata-Anon,

  • Adrian “Toshi.” G. Bacallo, and

  • Anthony “Coach Ynot” Senedrin.

The organization has also released a farewell video to honor the team’s achievements and their precious moments as a family. In the video, the pro players also shared the things that they will miss once they leave the boot camp, which they considered their second home.