OB.Neon Exits the TI10 SEA Qualifier after Commendable Run


OB.Neon’s TI10 hopes dashed after 2-1 loss to Execration

While OB.Neon didn’t enter the TI10 SEA qualifier as one of the favorites to make it all the way. Their incredible Singapore Major had ensured that nobody would count them out. While they demonstrated their prowess in the first series and secured a 2-0 victory over Motivate.Trust Gaming, the Filipino lost to Fnatic in the following upper bracket series.

After falling to the lower bracket, OB.Neon had to fight for its life against Execration. Throughout the first game, brawls continued as they went on and on, making the match an exciting one. Execration seemed to have the advantage for a while, but OB.Neon eventually won the game in 66 minutes. Despite being equally competitive in the second game, Execration’s cores edged out their counterparts, helping their team take a win in 45 minutes.

It was the same story a third time with both teams neck-and-neck. Execration had Nikko on his signature Doom, who prevailed as the king of the late game. While he died in most situations, he made sure that he rendered a few of his enemies useless by using Doom multiple times. Execration won the series 2-1 with a hard-fought third game win in 56 minutes.

Here are some highlights of the series.

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