Free Fire x Street Fighter V Crossover Goes Live: Trailer, Events, Rewards, Skins


Hadouken: Free Fire Emote

Free Fire players will now be able to perform the iconic Hadouken action while playing the mobile Battle Royale. The popular move will be available as an emote in the game, which players will be able to “send a potent surge of spirit energy through their palms and towards an opponent”.

Street Fighter V Collection: Ryu, Chun-Li Cosmetic Bundle

The cosmetic items that most players will want to acquire are the Ryu and Chun-Li outfits for their characters. These items will be released on 9th July and will be available till 15th July via the upcoming ‘Free Fighter’s Wish’ event.

The cosmetic bundle will include Chun-Li’s iconic outfit and also a themed Gloo Wall skin. Additionally, Ryu’s iconic costume will also be available along with a similar Gloo Wall skin.

Street FIghter V Themed Gun, Car Skins

Some more skins and cosmetics that players can obtain as part of this crossover are AWM gun skin Fūrinkazan and a Street Fighter Sports Car via the Faded Wheel event, which is currently active and will be coming to an end on 8th July.

Here is how you can win these cosmetic items as rewards via the event,

  • Choose the two items that you do not want to win.

  • After confirming your selections, spin for a chance to win any item except for the ones that you do not wish to win.

  • The first spin is free, following spins will cost diamonds.

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