Fnatic Advance to The Grand Final of SEA TI Qualifiers in True SEA Fashion



While TNC and Fnatic are arguably the top two teams of the qualifier, game one saw Fnatic take advantage in the draft, outplaying TNC throughout the game. Fnatic’s Abaddon pick to accompany the Leshrac was completely game-winning as we saw the Abaddon get multiple, crucial saves on the Lesh and turn the tides of teamfights. Fnatic also picked Nyx together with Tidehunter who provided the chain lockdown and always managed to find TNC’s Puck. Even after a valiant effort from TNC, Fnatic still managed to take the late game and the win.

Game two was a true SEA seventy-minute bloodbath between TNC and Fnatic. Both teams were teetering on the edge for the whole duration of the game where one fight could turn everything around.TNC did not have the lockdown to take down Fnatic’s Storm Spirit and Fnatic also perfectly countered their Terrorblade pick with an Arc Warden.

The game was a back and forth tug of war up until the hour mark, after which crucial tier 5 item drops on the side of Fnatic boosted them to take a final fight and take the series.